Kathang Duep.

Guru Rinpoche: “It is not the time that changes, but it is the people who changes.  
No matter whether one believes in Buddhism or Hinduism, or Islam, or Christianity, there is no one who does not appreciate, believe and uphold the above prophecy, prophesied by Guru Rinpoche (Great Buddhist precious master) in eighth century. The precious master came to Bhutan in 746 AD upon invitation of King Sidhu Raja (local ruler) of Bumthang.
No matter in which part of the world you live in, one can always witness the constant disintegration of our culture, humanity and human code of conduct, that has proved a powerful weapon in creating social harmony since the advent of humanism on this planet.
No matter whether you are a pilot, a banker, an industrialist, a doctor, an engineer, a house wife, a businessman, farmer or a teacher, there won’t be any one of you, who doesn’t believe in Bhutanese values and customs being manipulated and modified by the present generation.   
Yes of course in this technocracy world, when the modernization is travelling at the speed of light(C=3.0 X 108 ms-1) we must also transform ourselves to fit and suit with the new changes, yet there are ample of values and humanity that should remain unaltered and unchanged as long as human being exist to live in this mundane world.
Among many values and humanity that has been deeply rooted  in Bhutanese tradition, ley jumdrey( cause and effect, karma) and Tha Dang Demtshe ( unwavering loyalty, faithfulness) had played a crucial role in cementing the positive relationship between king and the citizen, master and the follower, landlord and servant, teacher and the student. Because of these good practices, Bhutan has always remained as a Sovereign nation for many centuries regardless of her negligible territory, unstable economy, few hundreds of standing armies and  half a million of population. Situated between two powerful and populated nation of the world, Bhutan has made tremendous progress in terms of    her economy, education and telecommunication under the wise and dynamic leaders of our great kings.  
 Along with the modernization steadily accelerating in our society, our culture has also reached on the verge of extinct. Isn’t it saddening and mortifying for us to witness some of our traditional values being arrived at the final stage of breath. In the past, when the modern education was incubated in Bhutan, students even hesitate to walk over teacher’s shadow as they consider teachers are the king of the knowledge (Lopen) and ultimately in return they are showered and ensured with enough lifelong knowledge, which can easily pave the ways to serve oneself and nation at large.
 But today a son(chey chey) or a daughter(zamin) never mind in quarrelling and arguing with his or her parents, they just grasp it as a fashion and right in doing so. Once they are in the school, they never hesitate to punch their teachers and other stakeholders of the school. As an educator and Buddhist by birth, I firmly believe in the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche and I leave everything to be decided by one’s karma. I prefer not to blame anybody for the change as none of us were an ambassador for the change; rather the time has reached at the last degenerated race of human being.  According to Buddhist philosophy, the present generation having 100 years of lifespan ( tselo jhapa) will be the final human race to occupy this planet, during present Buddha’s time(Sangay Shacha Thupa). Sooner or later the present Buddha (Shakyamuni) will be succeed by future Buddha, Maitreya( Sangay Jowa Jampa).    


  1. Sandwiched btw two power houses, small and beautiful Bhutan lies. However, this very strategic location is very much susceptible. We're being cushioned by unique strong cultures, we neither have economic might nor military strength to guard security. It is only through upholding our culture and tradition. You are right Norbu sir, it is getting manipulated with pervading modernization on race. Nice Read Norbu sir. Keep sharing.

  2. Thanks you Sangay Sir for your motivational and inspiring words.