A year has been elapsed without having touch with my little world. The world that connects me to the other parts of world, the world that makes me one step wiser than the day before, and the world that flavours the journey of my life.
I don’t know what barred me from writing for last one year. Still I am just wondering how a year has been passed without a single update. Today when I flip back the pages of the year, I found nothing extraordinary achievements was recorded. My diary for the year 2016 is still virgin. A year has been simply wasted in vain.

But I believe it is better to be late than never. “ Don’t be afraid of moving slowly but be afraid of standing still” says someone. After a gap of a year I have almost  lost my confidence in writing. However with much hesitation I am trying my best restart  with the journey of writing. So with the dawn of year 2017, I am talking bold decision and commitment to update my blog on weekly basis if not twice in a week. Indeed I have committed to compete with myself.

May the prayers be heard by the god and blessed me to accomplish my dream.  May all the obstacles gets dissolves by the suprem power of the god.

On 22nd June, National Council had deliberated length and breadth on several emerging issues in Ministry of Education. I felt relaxed and relieved because at least there is someone who shares same concern of ordinary person like me in the bureaucratic level. I have shared my views on Bhutanese Education System as a “Career Centric System” to incumbent Education Minister during his visit to our school very recently.
My topmost concern in Bhutanese education System is not suddenly about the workload burdens to our teachers and inadequate remuneration to our teachers. Let us keep these issues aside because the interpretation differs from heart to heart. But if someone ignites me to speak on the issues, I will be wordless as I am satisfied with what I am doing and getting.
What bothers me the most is the way we assess our students’ performance in the school. Pen and paper test is the only parameters to measure the performance of our children. No matter how much a student exhibits the quality of good human being, if he or she score less in paper test, then he or she can’t be fitted even in the corner of the society. Only those children with high mental cognition are regarded as god in our education system. A good human being is not always an intelligent person. I believe school is a not place where students only meta-cognition is measured rather school is place where better human beings are produced. But we cannot deny the fundamental fact that reading and writing is important to the face challenges of fast-changing world, but beyond that for me what accounts the most is being a good human with Bhutanese DNA ( Layjumdrey and Thadamsi).
But today in our education system our schools are forced to concentrate more on academic matters. Schools are ranked every year based on academic achievements achieved by the school. And as a result some of the schools even decided to set criteria for new admission solely based on examination marks. After few years there won’t be schools for low achievers. Who says that a low achiever student cannot serve our Tsa-was-sum as that of super achiever? 

The dragon flag was hoisted on the top of the mast and it is fluttering in the cold morning breeze. A huge throng had gathered in the courtyard wearing colorful and beautiful attires. On either sides of the courtyard there are stalls piled with toy cars, edible fast foods, office stationeries and other grocery items. And the nature is kind enough to bless the event with cloudless sky. 
Chief guest.

This is Bjishong Central School celebrating “The Decade Jubilee”. The only school in Gasa which host secondary level education was founded in 2007. The school was built under of one of the projects fully funded by government of India (GOI). It is located above beautiful Damji village overlooked by gorgeous mountains from all the corners. The school covers an area of 21.7 acres in the middle of dense temperate forest.

An alumni delivering speech.
The mark the special day, Bjishong Alumnus was invited in advance from various parts of the country. Many of them shared their willingness to support school through formation of Bjishong Alumni Association. Dasho Dzongda the Chief Guest of the day had awarded token of prizes for seven staff of the school for their unwavering services to the school for last 10 years.

The school was founded under the dynamic leadership of 1st Principal Norbu Gyeltshen(2007-2011). The other 11 energetic teachers had helped him to light the lamp of knowledge in the school. Then there was 193 students ranging from class PP to IX.  The first batch of Class X students were graduated in 2008. Since then the enrollment data kept rising continuously. Under the wise leadership of 1st Principal, erstwhile Bjishong Middle Secondary School was ranked 27th amongst the schools of Bhutan in 2011.

Today we have 539 students from 20 districts, with 49 faculties headed by exuberant Principal Karma Sangay. The school was reformed in 2014 as one of the Autonomous School in Bhutan under the directives from Ministry of Education. In the consecutive year the school was reformed as Central School along with 23 other schools across the length and breadth of Bhutan. Approximately there are hundreds of Bjishong graduates pursuing higher education in various collages of Royal University Bhutan, and few in international colleges around the globe. The school aspires to produce more and more productive citizens in times come.   

may not call myself as a resource person rather I prefer to call myself as facilitator. I was being called by district education authority along with my colleagues to conduct Dzongkhag based In service Program (DBIP) for the first time in my life as a teacher. The program was scheduled from 1st to 6th of December 2015.
I neither welcomed the news of DBIP nor did I unwelcome it. I have mixed feelings over it. I was bit afraid and nervous for the first time as I am completely novice facilitator. At the same time I felt I was being called by a stroke of luck because I know that I am never fit to be resource person or facilitator. Never the less I was never handicapped; I had two young, dynamic and exuberant friends who can make our program lively and conducive.  
Finally the big day had approached. I displaced my blanket and waked up before the morning sunlight. I felt bit chilly as it was already winter in Gasa. I rushed towards the bathroom to prepare myself for the day. As I dressed up for the day, my heart was palpating with fear. No matter how much I tried to console myself, I could not boost up my self esteem. I could not enjoy the taste of my breakfast. I took only few spoons of rice and went towards RC campus where I am supposed to conduct the DBIP.  May be I suffered from anorexia on that day because on other days I eat like a bulimic person.

Exactly at 9: am we have arranged everything ready for the day. District Education Officer welcomed every one of us for the program. Though there was a pin drop silence in the hall my heart was beating even faster than before. I forgot everything that I prepared to speak. Nothing got strike in my subconscious mind. All I can remember today is my stammering words throughout session.     

The beautiful Laya valley is also known as Austra-Laya( meaning Australia for many uneducated people from other districts of Bhutan. As many educated Bhutanese prefer to visit Australia in pursuit of making money, Laya is famous amongst uneducated rural mass. The high mountains of Laya have made nomads fatter in terms of money.

These beautiful mountains of Laya provides perfect host for cordyceps (Chinese caterpillar) which can fetch good amount of money in both local and international market. This year (2015) a kilogram of top quality cordyceps fetched around Nu.1400, 000 approximately equal to $ 23333. The economy of nomads got shoot up within short span of time after His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo granted royalty to harvest the cordyceps a decade ago. Today we can find no Layaps with less than few hundred thousand of bucks in their pocket. Another extravaganza of Layaps can be smelled through their expensive compound bow. None of them handle a bow that is worth less than 100,000 ngultrum.  

Last time I went to deposit few thousands of ngultrum in my account at Gasa BoB (Bank of Bhutan) branch. Shortly I was followed by a Layap women shabbily dressed in her local attire. She must be in mid fifties I assumed. She plodded towards me with slight hesitation in her face, but her shy smile never went off her wrinkled face. Her cone shaped bamboo hat was still resting on her head very comfortably. “Lopen would you mine to fill up this deposit form. I have few amount of ngultrum to be deposited”, she requested to me with her high tone voice. Usually highlanders of Bhutan have sharp tone of voice that irritates our ears. “Yes I will do it for you I answered her” and instantly she lent her deposit form to me. As I started filling up the form I inquired her” “How many amount of ngultrum you have to deposit? Can you tell me the number of different notes as it is mandatory to write in the form? “Lopen I don’t have much amount to be deposited, I have only 1700,000 ngultrum. Here it is and you can count the notes and fill up the form accordingly” she told in her normal voice and handed over the money to me. Oh my god! I have never handled such a huge amount of money in my life time though I am average civil servant. Finally she thanked me with her withered smile.    

Gasa Tshachu.
Gasa, the home of nomads is considered as roof of Bhutan as she shares common boundary with the world’s supreme power country, the Republic of China located towards north of Bhutan. The elevation of district stretches from 1500 m to 4500 m above the sea level. One can find varieties of vegetation ranging from temperate forest to alpine forest sheltering to wide-range of wild animals. The famous and endangered national animal Takin is found only in Gasa Dzongkhag. Red pandas, snow leopards, tigers and Himalayan bears are some of the world’s endangered species found in the region.
Gasa Town

Historically the place was known before Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan. The historians had recorded that Zhabdrung had en routed to Bhutan through stunning valley called Laya. Today Laya is one of the eye catchers for international tourist and well known scene for local film makers. The layaps  ( residents of laya) were well known for their unique identity.

The famous Gasa Taschu( hot spring) is located below splendid edifice locally known as Dzong. It serves as a center of attraction for people across the length and breadth of Bhutan. Not a single international tourist will return home without visiting the Gasa Tshachu. It is believed that the Tshachu can completely heal fractured bones, back aches, joint pains etc. This time of the year is perfect time for everyone to visit Gasa Tshachu. 

Sometimes god is not fair I believe because god has never gifted me with basic poetic skills. However with much hesitancy I am posting my free writing to update my little home.

On the crest of snowed land,
Stand your palace in peace.
No other creatures can harm you,
You are the only source of solace.
You care no race for wealth and cast,
You care no color and fame.
Your kindness wants no price,

You are free of greed and envy.

Behold at this uncertain world,

We live in the cloud of suffocation,

Suffering in the race of social whirl,
Dump into the world of annihilation.

You appreciate no nepotism,

Favoritism and egocentrism,

Megalomaniacs, chameleons and sycophants,
You never grade the levels of human kind.

Alas, take me to thy world;

The world of eternal happiness,

That measures no power and superiority,

And free of sufferance and sadness.