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This article will be soon published in submenu of my newly born blog titled as About My Self. Therefore I would like to earnestly request Mr. sherub and Ugyen to provide constructive comments with regard to the post. Mr Sherub and Ugyen has been my only blog audience since it's incubation day, which took place just few months before.
Thank you Ugyen and Sherub.

 Here it goes.

Name: Norbu Wangdi.
Village: Radhi
Block: Shingkhar
District: Zhemgang.

Brief Introduction:

Norbu Wangdi was born to Father Sangay Dorji, a humble farmer from Radhi under Zhemgang District. The tiny village was located above gorgeous Chamkhar Chu overlooking the stunning villages of Thisa, Shingkhar, Wamling and Bardho. The son of poor peasant was brought up and nurtured along with other four children by his own biological parents feeding with maize flour porridge, Kharang (cooked beaten maize) and supplemented by dairy products like cheese, butter, curd, eggs etc.
As his home town was regarded as the least burgeoned gewog of the Dzongkhag, his parents were never bestowed with modern facilities like road, electricity and telecommunication etc. Traditional farming and keeping of degenerated domestic animals were the main occupation practiced to earn their living. Having zilch modern facilities in place, it was never an easy task for his parents to raise and nurture fifteen of them, within a short span of time. In fact the poor couple underwent through unbelievable, immeasurable and unlimitable painfulness when ten of them choked and bade farewell to other family members. Had there been health facilities and road connectivity in his village like many of the western villages, He would be definitely leading a football team to play in Changlingmeythang stadium comprising his own family members. Yet things were never out of predicament.

Out of five survived, the second eldest Norbu was bit serendipitous to get access to modern education. After completing his primary education in his gewog center, he went to Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary and later completed his higher secondary education from Zhemgang Higher Secondary School, one of the oldest schools in the Kingdom, built in 1961 by Father Mackey an educationist from west. Currently he works in Bjishong Middle Secondary School, under Gasa Dzongkhag, after having graduated from Paro College of Education in December 2009. He loves reading, writing, blogging, facebooking and tweeting. Playing traditional archery, khuru, (game of darts) and singing of traditional ( Boedra) song were also some his enthusiasm and interest which eat away his leisure time. His passion in outdoor games includes tackling of football but he was never skilled like Lionel Messi of Argentina and sometimes he used to spike volleyball too. He also enjoys playing badminton, Table tennis, carom and chess as indoor games.     




  1. Your story appears so inspiring.

    But on considering me and Ugyen as the only audience of your blog is wrong. Your audience isn't just only limited to the number of people who have commented in your blog. Many must be visiting your blog though they don't leave comment. Sometimes your articles may be so complete that don't need need any comment. So don't consider your audience is only two of us. In cyber world, audience is world.
    Hope you'll consider this and share many inspirational stories from your classrooms, community and beyond. All the best bro.

  2. Thank you Sherub, I will always take your comments in. Simultaneously I would like to thank my all blog visitors.

    1. Dear boss, It has been my immense pleasure to go through all the articles of yours.
      Regarding the present article, no doubt I found it perfect which was beyond my genius to complement on it. Thumbs up!

  3. Ugyen Sir I shall always cheer your kind help being rendered during the incubation period of my blog. Also thanks for visiting my blog.