An amateur blogger is back.

A year has been elapsed without having touch with my little world. The world that connects me to the other parts of world, the world that makes me one step wiser than the day before, and the world that flavours the journey of my life.
I don’t know what barred me from writing for last one year. Still I am just wondering how a year has been passed without a single update. Today when I flip back the pages of the year, I found nothing extraordinary achievements was recorded. My diary for the year 2016 is still virgin. A year has been simply wasted in vain.

But I believe it is better to be late than never. “ Don’t be afraid of moving slowly but be afraid of standing still” says someone. After a gap of a year I have almost  lost my confidence in writing. However with much hesitation I am trying my best restart  with the journey of writing. So with the dawn of year 2017, I am talking bold decision and commitment to update my blog on weekly basis if not twice in a week. Indeed I have committed to compete with myself.

May the prayers be heard by the god and blessed me to accomplish my dream.  May all the obstacles gets dissolves by the suprem power of the god.

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