Gasa: The roof of Bhutan.

Gasa Tshachu.
Gasa, the home of nomads is considered as roof of Bhutan as she shares common boundary with the world’s supreme power country, the Republic of China located towards north of Bhutan. The elevation of district stretches from 1500 m to 4500 m above the sea level. One can find varieties of vegetation ranging from temperate forest to alpine forest sheltering to wide-range of wild animals. The famous and endangered national animal Takin is found only in Gasa Dzongkhag. Red pandas, snow leopards, tigers and Himalayan bears are some of the world’s endangered species found in the region.
Gasa Town

Historically the place was known before Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan. The historians had recorded that Zhabdrung had en routed to Bhutan through stunning valley called Laya. Today Laya is one of the eye catchers for international tourist and well known scene for local film makers. The layaps  ( residents of laya) were well known for their unique identity.

The famous Gasa Taschu( hot spring) is located below splendid edifice locally known as Dzong. It serves as a center of attraction for people across the length and breadth of Bhutan. Not a single international tourist will return home without visiting the Gasa Tshachu. It is believed that the Tshachu can completely heal fractured bones, back aches, joint pains etc. This time of the year is perfect time for everyone to visit Gasa Tshachu. 


  1. Beautiful and hope one day I will make a point to visit the same site that you have done...

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  3. Hello Norbu sir,
    Its been long that I haven't seen your post. When I checked, it was back in Oct. that you have nailed last post. November sure was a pathetic season for teachers. No worries, it was completly dwindled and new month is already here. :) Cheers!!!
    Ya Gasa is one of the most beautiful place. I am planning to visit hot apring there with my parents this winter but pre plan of mine will always fail at the end. Praying hard to fullfill this.
    Las,God bless you all..
    Beautiful day ahead :)

  4. Thanks Sancha Sir for your precious comments and for Mam Rupa let me know if I can do any favor if case if you are going to visit Tshachu.