New Journey of My Life.

Shah Rukh Khan the leading Bollywood star had shown his splendid figure at the age of 44. And you know I am trying at 30. Oh joke aside; my figure will never match the shadow of Shah Rukh Khan. But one thing for sure I have started to renew the journey of my life. Not for anyone but for my personal health reasons.

I have never expected my body would be like what it is today and I am sure my childhood friends would agree with me. It has been few years ever since I knew that my body was overburdened with calories. I accidently knew about it when one of my friends called me as “motey” meaning fat person.

I am wondering why one is not able to detect the accumulation of fats in one’s own body. I have never known that I am gaining in mass until I weighed 76 kg. Had I known about it before, I could have been easily burnt extra calories.

Just before two months I went to the nearest health centre of my place to measure my mass and I was perturbed to know that I have gained more by few kilograms. From that day I have decided to reshape the journey of my life. Now it has been almost two months since I have started to burn my fats.  With constant support and inspirations from my wife I have unloaded 3 kilograms of fats from my body within a months’ time. My wife deserves the true credit for converting my dream to happen in reality. Thank you dear wife.      



  1. Good luck with your weight loss program. You'll probably feel better and have more energy when you lose the extra pounds (kilograms).

  2. Wish you very best of luck la. I too surprise my childhood friend popularly known as ponla becoming like Bigshow la. keep it up you can do it la.

  3. wow.....just keep trying will do it