Beyond beleifs.

I am sure it must be one of the orthodox beliefs that I am compelled to believe in it. But I cannot disbelieve it for simple reasons as it is already entrenched in my culture since centuries ago. The simple fact that I am brought up in that culture and I accustomed to it. That is how I have inherited my parental beliefs.

Now the story is:

I was just peeping through a tint hole of my bedroom door as per my wife’s advice.  My wife told me that she had let our son to nap in our bedroom as usual. Like many other kids our four months old son needs complete silence while he is in slumber. Even a little noise can easily disturb his sleep. For that reasons, none of my family members dare to visit bedroom when our little son is enjoying sleep. If we have an unavoidable reason to step in the bedroom, then we must soundlessly unlatch the door and take cat walk untill we are out of the bedroom.
When I have carefully focused my eyes to him through that tiny hole, he was already out of sleep. His four limbs were already out of the blanket and moving like a dung beetle struggling to position herself after her body got twisted upside down. I just kept quite hoping that he might take another sleep so that I can have little free time to complete other household chores.  Oops! I uttered to myself because I knew that for sure he is not going to sleep any more. He has started uttering unrecognizable words for the first time in his life. With a great sigh of delight, I carefully paid my hearing sensation to his first word. Apa apa … was his first word I heard on that day.

Unable to hold my excitement, I just broke this news to my wife on that same day. She told me that I will struggle more than her while raising our son as his first word is Apa apa apa…… Should I let this traditional believe to overrule me.    


  1. Wow! thats wonderful... I could see wide smile from a happy father... He have grown up now... Soo cute...
    God Bless You Baby :)
    Ragards to all the family memeber Norbu sir... Plesant evening ahead :)

  2. A very touching post, Wangdi. That's the gift of being a father, and you are lucky more that your baby's first word is Apa. Loved it much.

  3. Thank you so much mam Rupa and Sir Riku for your kind words. Indeed am proud as my son uttered his first word Apa..apa ...

  4. It's always fun to hear their first words! (But yes, it would be nice if they'd sleep a little longer so you can get your work done!)

  5. Thanks for always visiting my little world.