Let us show little humanity.

And then the flags were hoisted half mast as we mourn for the victims of Nepal earth quake. We can do nothing extraordinary at this juncture. The only simple thing we can do is to pray for Nepal. Bhutan being one of the tiniest and developing nations, our capacity to rescue Nepal is very limited. We have only few hundred thousands of human resources and our economy is always fragile.

But the fact is that we are living in the same planet, in spite of the different nationalities we hold. The planet earth has united us together. Earth is the only planet which has instilled the sense of brotherhood among us. But are we really appreciating our brotherhood and unity that our mother planet has created. The time has approach for everyone us to unite together and cherish our brotherhood through lending our hands to the people of Nepal.

To fatten our friendship with Nepal and to share deepest condolences, His Majesty the king of Bhutan had donated 1 million US dollar to the government of Nepal and recruited 63 brave Bhutanese to render quick medical assistance and evacuation responses. Upon the command of His Majesty the king, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay has made visit to Kathmandu to message solidarity and support from the king, government and people of Bhutan. He was the first foreign leaders to visit Kathmandu after she was devastated by quake measuring 7.9 magnitudes on 25th April 2015.
The number of deaths is still rising up. Thousands of them were homeless and crying for the lost of their beloved ones. They were in urgent need of our help. Our little contributions can make big difference for them. I call all the people around the globe and powerful countries to make Nepalese to feel that at least they have someone who cares for them. Your little amount can craft big smile on their faces.


  1. I feel bad for the people of Nepal. I'm glad your government is working to help them.