Flash back. PART III Primary election 2013.

Five years have just elapsed witnessing all those unprecedented events. The crowning of His Majesty the 5th king, to the golden throne of Bhutan in 2008, has marked stunning smiles on the faces of Bhutanese people and it has remained undiminished until today. Sublimes of smiles were crafted on the face of Bhutanese when the royal wedding was celebrated in 2011.

Away from home, Thinley’s government has also strengthened our foreign relations by watering the existing ties with many countries including world’s oldest democratic and superpower country, Republic of India. Today Bhutan has unique and special relationship with 52 countries across the world.

During her tenure of five years, the DPT has never left any stone unturned, the road were paved through length and breadth of country, thousands of rural houses were electrified, generating of power energy from Bhutan’s rushing rivers was always prioritized on the top as it was regarded as an engine of growth in Bhutanese economy.        

 After the successful completion of 10th five year plan, DPT government has stepped down from the power as mandated by constitution to contest for the next upcoming election. The preparation for 2013 election took place back in 2011, with incubations of Druk Nyamrub Tshogpa (DNT), followed by Bhutan kenyam party (BKP) and Druk chirwang Tshogpa (DCT). 

The biggest obstacles faced by the political parties were not able to grasp the candidates from all constituencies followed by not having the suitable party leader to lead the newly born parties. In Bhutan many civil servants preferred to stay away from politics as they conceive nature of politics as filthy and unkempt. More over there are around 10% of the Bhutanese who fulfills the required qualification and other norms to stand as a party candidate, as mandate by the law. Since Bhutanese modern education was started only in early 1960s, majority of her elder citizens were still barbaric in nature.

In spite of many hindrances and hurdles for the political parties, 4 political parties were qualified to race the 2013 primary election. Sadly Bhutan kuenyam party could not make to primary round as she has no representative from Gasa District.

Under the strict supervision of election commission of Bhutan, the campaigns by the political parties were in full swing across the nation, coupled with common forum debate among the candidates of the four parties, which was telecasted by BBS. Almost in all common forum debates, all the candidates has highlighted that it was the unwise decision of the previous government to borrow huge amount of loan and putting the nation into an unstable condition in terms of her economy.

Some of the candidates other than incumbent members have also shared their concern on worsening the economy of the country in last five years. Non incumbent candidates have informed the nation, that the former government has ushered the corruption in the country by indulging Government herself.

On 27th May of 2013, exactly after a month of campaign period, the pool day was welcomed by the voters and the nation has declared the day as Election Day. Many surprised things had happened on the evening of the pool day. PDP the world’s smallest opposition has won from 12 constituencies, DNT has won only from 2 constituencies kicking her out of the race, and the rest constituencies were won by DPT. 

On the same day ECB has declared that Druck chirwang Tshogpa will be not entitled for campaign fund from the state in 2018 election, as she could not secure even 10% of the total votes. Vigorous and tireless preparations were made by both DPT and PDP to contest in 2013 general election.


  1. Well said and stated la...thanks for the flash back...

  2. Brilliantly written la Norbu sir... :) keep updating esp me abt the hisory of our country... Happy weekstart sir. Tc

  3. Thanks Sancha sir and Mam Rupa for your inspiring comments.