Phuntsholing: The hub of business centre.

With an advent of modernization in Bhutan, Phuntsholing has been one of the main entrances to Bhutan via India. Opened in early 1960s by our late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, Phuntsholing is one of the fastest growing cities in Bhutan. In fact the developmental progress of the city is speeding at the speed of light. It has not only served as main entrance gate for people of two countries, but also boosted the economy of people residing nearby city.

The fruits of Indo-Bhutan friendship are being tasted by the people of two countries. The two immediate neighbors enjoy complete trust and confidence for greater mutual benefits. Thousands of people from both the countries enter and exit the main gate for their everyday business. Hundreds of trucks and cars are crossing the gate to and fro hooting every now and then. 

Jaigoan, the adjoining city under West Bangle state, India shares the entire boarder with Phuntsholing city. The place is noisy, crowded, dusty and dirty. One can see doma spits (betel nuts), plastics and papers scattered everywhere. There is hundreds of shopping complex, hardware sales, mobile shops, barber shops, restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, automobile workshops, jewelry shops and so on. If you feel your stomach is empty you can just grasp a plate of hot dumpling available along the wayfarer’s path. Everything is cheap at Jaigoan.

Traffic in Jaigoan city gets jammed every now and then. I believe there are no local authorities to monitor the smooth flow of traffic. Had you been an inexperienced driver, you car would be kissed by hundreds of rickshaws overtaking form all the angles. Jaigoan residents are more or less barbaric in nature. You may lose your money purse if you are not careful. Many of them are living just hand to mouth. As you walk through the pedestrian path, you will be called from both the sides requesting you to purchase from their shops.You must be careful while negotiating the prices of commodities, otherwise you will be bullied and make you to purchase the things without further choices.   

Jaigoan is one of the perfect places for you, if you are a philanthropist because there are hundred and one ways to prove your generosity in the eyes of onlookers. The moment you step into the Indian soil, you will be followed by dozen of beggars. Some are handicapped, some are as thin as laboratory skeleton, some are old yet some of them are shameless beggars. In fact they are too young to be beggars. May be they prefer to earn their living by means of begging. Your extravagances will be surely tested out here.

The warm and pleasant weather of Phuntsholing invites everybody in this time of year. Many Bhutanese used to flock to Phunstholing in winter for many purposes. I am here at Phuntsholing for some official purposes.               


  1. Thanks for sharing a little bit about Phuntsholing. I enjoy learning about places I'm not familiar with.

  2. Oh.. Phuntsholing at this time of the year is truly a nice place to live in. Not so hot. Jaigon teaches us so many things: making things cheaper and available in abundance. Keeping ourselves vigilant of pickpockets and improving sanitation is another.

    1. Yes Damcho sir, everything is cheap out here.

  3. Thank you Norbu Sir for your precise ins and outs of one of the major towns of Bhutan; Phuntsholing and every now and then it's growing with rapid pace, where fruitful business has full engagement. But on the other side, constant undesirable cases should not be a surprise for all. Hoping that you and your dear beloved family members are all doing great with sound in health. Regards from me to you all. Do Great. Take Care. :)

  4. I was there for five years and only good thing I know about the place is Puska is simply good and cheap. It disturbs me more than to offer shopping comfort~

  5. Thanks Sir Ugyen, Sir Sangay and mam Sonam. Keep visiting my little space.

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  7. Hi Norbu. I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Looks like it's your lucky day - two awards! You can go to my website to check it out and learn the details.

  8. Hi Norbu. I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Looks like it's your lucky day - two awards! You can go to my website to check it out and learn the details.