Inspiring blogger Award.

I am humbly honored by Damcho sir, Mam Sherry and Lekey for nominating me in your “Inspiring blogger Award” nominee. Certainly I may not be qualifying for such an award, as I do not posses any extraordinary blogging skills. May be by stroke of genius I got nominated by the three genius writers.
Native to America, Mam Sherry is Musician by profession. Owing to her creative writing abilities she had authored several children’s book that has won the heart of readers across the globe. She is a well-known writer of the children’s book.
Mr.Damcho is one of the finest teachers for 21st century. He has unique way of expressing his thoughts in the form of words, which has supreme power to pierce into the reader’s heart. Damcho is one of my friends who are close to my heart.
Lekey is a young and dynamic student at Sherubtse collage Kanglung. Indeed a future asset of nation. Lekey can lead this nation forward on one fine day.  Thank you once again.

As mandated by the protocol, I share 7 things about myself.

1.   Buddhist by birth but has an immense respect for religions of the world. 

2.   I believe in Karmic theory of existence. (Cause and effect).  

3.   A man who always crawl in life. Destination was never conquered.

4.   Who incredibly loves to be friend with all, but lacks socialization skills.

5.   A man who hates uttering unpleasant words to others.

6.   Never gossip about others. Straight forward.

7.   My sycophantic nature is equal to the value of cos90. ( Mathematical value)   

Bye-law: I have nominated following bloggers for the award.    
4.Ugyen sir.    
9. Reku Sir


  1. Thank you for accepting the award. I was laughing out so loudly when you classified me to be the finest teacher. Haha. Well, together we can strive to be one on our own accord. Also thank you for nominating me again.

  2. Happy Congratulation for your award. Thank you so much Norbu Sir for your nomination, I am really gladdened by that. You got an awesome qualities those are enough to judge you but may not reach what you would expect. Keep sharing and keep inspiring us. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do great. Take Care. :)

  3. Thank you brother for that nomination. I am honoured when given such recognition from you. I didn't nominate you not because you aren't an inspiring blogger for me but because you are already nominated by others. You have always inspired me. Keep blogging and inspiring as many people as you can. Takecare!

  4. Thank you for your kind words, and for nominating me for this award. It was also very nice to learn a little more about you.