The greatest event:

The greatest event of Bhutan will take place at Kanglung, the peak of learning center in eastern Bhutan. The celebration will be graced by our beloved fifth King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and the fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wanchuk.

The history of “National Day” in Bhutan was crafted, when Sir Ugyen Wanchuk was unanimously elected as first hereditary king of Bhutan in 1907 inside the great edifice of Puna Dewa Chenpoi Phodarng.

From the day Sir Ugyen Wangchuk was ascended to the golden throne of Bhutan, the country had walked amazing journey towards her unity and peacefulness. Peace and prosperity grew year by year with modernization speeding at the speed of light.

Under his dynamic and benevolent reign for last two decades the people of Bhutan had enjoyed unprecedented joy and happiness. Away from home, His Majesty had torn our country from her isolation, thus signing the diplomatic relationship with many powerful nations of the world. A dharma king had done away with collection of taxes from his people.

Today as we celebrate the 107th National Day” I would like join my fellow citizens in paying my deepest respect and heartfelt gratitude to Sir Ugyen Wangchuk for constituting Wangchuk dynasty, the symbol of unity and happiness for people of Bhutan. Simply for me our kings are the priceless assets of Bhutan and ultimate protector of our tiny Kingdom. Sandwiched between two supreme nations of the world, Bhutan enjoys an unlimited independence in spite of few hundreds of standing armies she has. This is simply because of our great extraordinary kings. May peace and prosperity ever shine in the kingdom of Bhutan. May our people enjoy everlasting happiness under the benevolent leadership of our Kings.

Pelden Drukpa Gyalo. Drukgyal Ngapa Gyalo.         


  1. Roots cannot grow into trees if there are no supernatural elements in the soil.similarly our country might not reached on top of world without our beloved legendary kings.Thank you bro for reminding tomorrow's was great tribute bro.

  2. Very nice tribute! I'm glad you have excellent kings.