Question answer session:

During the question answer session in the National Assembly of Bhutan, one of the opposition MP has raised question concerning the suicidal issues among the youth of Bhutan. He informed the house that the root cause suicide cases in the schools were mainly due to unethical handling of couple cases by the school authority. He further added that when the couples were caught red-handed by the school authority, the lovers were humiliated, defamed and harassed in the public domain.

I am not surprised or perturbed by the statement made by the honorable MP in any way, because I know the school authorities has never dealt any single cases as stated by MP.

I have witnessed two successive world cups as a school ethical coordinator. In my tenure as ethical coordinator of the school, I have never handled even a single case as stated by honorable MP. I believe teachers are human being in the first place and secondly they are educators. There won’t be a single teacher on this planet who would love to defame and harass his or her students in the public forum under any circumstances, I am sure.

However I am bit worried and stupefied when honorable MP has raised his voices without any empirical evidences. The people of Bhutan were misinformed by the MP through national television. This has lead to breaching of severe of trust between elected MPs and the electorates.

As far as I am concerned, our teachers are trying their best to educate the future citizens of Bhutan, no matter what type of hardships they have to bear. In many remote parts of the country our teachers are residing in the bamboo huts with modern facilities equivalent to zilch. And if that is how our teachers are credited with, it is unfair on our part to expect responsible citizens in the near future.

Pelden Drukpa Gyalo.


  1. Yes...I saw the same issues raised by one of the Honorable MP as you've stated...I am too concern about the questions. On what ground our MP wanted to state but for us we felt little pinch over the questions raised in the Parliament. Anyway what remains is the truth. Thanks for sharing on the issues la...keep posting and lets make Bhutan a beautiful place all together...great day ahead

    1. Thanks for complementing on my post. Great to see you always visiting my blog.

  2. Is this really true? So sad to hear buddy. Glad that I don't have any paraphernalia here to listen to lousy political humdrum.

    1. As far my interpretation, I understood the question as I have mentioned above. Thanks for visit lopen Damcho.

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