Jigme’s 1st year performance.

“I have left six questions unanswered said my daughter, and I may not top my class this time”.

“Is it? No need to worry I consoled her. Making mistake in examination is common phenomenon for everybody. Only a perfect person will not make mistake I reiterate to her”.

“Hum Daddy who else are perfect person then? She questioned me with high tone.

“There is no any perfect person in this world, I told her with a polite note. “Mistakes are the part of our life. But we should not forget to unlearn those mistakes. As somebody said” Failing is not a crime but failing to learn from a mistake is a crime” I further tried to console her.

Daddy “whatever it may be someone might have outscored me. I will be ashamed to face my classmates. For that matter I have decided not to go for the result day” she told me worriedly.

“Jigme you can’t do that in any way. If you failed to turn up for the result day, Principal will blame on me. Would you love to see your father being blamed by someone on your behalf? Let us go and see who takes the prizes. Or else you must be the one to take away the prizes,” I requested her as polite as I can.

She just nodded her head annoyingly.

The next day on the morning of 18th December I took her with me and made sure she is present in the school.

Soon after our arrival the program for the day was begun. The Master of ceremony has started calling the names of topper from lower classes. Jigme did this time too; she was the first person to receive the prize from the chief guest of the day. I have never expected her to top the class, as she was away from school for a week. She went with me to Punakha hospital to usher her little brother. 



  1. Your daughter appears very inquisitive - which is one of the praiseworthy traits in any kid of her age. I am sure, she being that inquisitive, she will tread well on her education ladder. Congratulate her on my behalf for topping the class once more.

  2. Hope to see her doing all the best for all times...convey my all regards for ur daughter to do better alys la...thanks n happy vacatio.

  3. This is one thing I like about being a teacher. We can educate them, not teach them. Give her the best, she will return you the best of the best.

  4. please give my congratulation to jigme seldon.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter!. By the way it is "prize" not price...just a reminder that we all make in our writings..keep writing!

  6. Congratulations to your daughter! She seems like a very conscientious young lady.

  7. Thank you mam Sherry and Tshewang. Tshewang sir it is an immense pleasure for me to have your presence in my blog and giving me the healthy feedback. Love to hear more from you sir.

  8. Congratulations to little princess of yours, dear sir :) May she proceed with same spirit until the end of time. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful year ahead. Take Care!