I need your help.

Dear blogger friends,
I felt it is high time for me to lend your helping hands with regard to some of the comments that I have received in my blog. Since I am a complete novice blogger, I am bit perturbed and bewildered by the anonymous comments that I have received so far. There fore I have decided not to be mislead by the comments without your kind advices.

Your kind advices and guidance will  immensely benefit me. Hereby I produce one of the two comments that I have received so far. Unfortunately I could not locate the earlier one.

Hello I'am Chris From France!!
this is not a "spam"
You Have A Wonderful Blog Which I Consider To Be Registered In International Blog Dictionary. You Will Represent Your Country
Please Visit The Following Link And Comment Your Blog Name
Blog Url
Location Of Your Country Operating In Comment Session Which Will Be Added In Your Country List
On the right side, in the "green list", you will find all the countries and if you click them, you will find the names of blogs from that Country.
Imperative to follow our blog to validate your registration.Thank you for your understanding
Happy Blogging

Anticipating for your kind response please.


  1. That is nothing to be worried bro. If you open that blog and comment there, your blog will be registered in that directory

  2. Bro my antivirus was warning when I open that page and am bit scared.

  3. Same message came to me also. but, I denied the fact that it's nothing other than a spam message la...So, just forget that is all my suggestion...thanks and tc

  4. Hi Norbu Sir, day before yesterday only I registered my blog. I presume that the link http://world-directory-sweetmelody.blogspot.in/ consists a collection of innumerable blogs from various countries and I am sure it serves as a platform where we can get to meet other enthusiastic bloggers across the globe. So far there are 80 registered blogs from Bhutan. The above message seems an invitation from the admins. If you wish to register, you can just click 'Asia Bhutan' from the side list and leave a comment as per the above requirement. Hope all is well with you, your beloved family members and friends. God bless you all. Regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. :) Have wonderful departing year of 2014.

  5. Nothing to worry about with that one. I signed up, and my blog is now in the world wide directory. Some things are spam, but I don't think this one is.

  6. Nothing to be scared off. Get along. That is after all a pool of bloggers.

  7. Good morning Norbu sir, Nothing to be bothered about it la. I received this message last year and I have abandoned, thinking izzzzz a spam. Later, I saw some of my blogger as members of that blog, so I too joined.
    Join it and have fun.
    Have a nice day.
    Keep writing :).