The proud father.

“Sir Do you want to know your daughter’s marks in mathematics?” said her mathematics teacher to me yesterday.

“Yes of course madam, if you allow me” I responded her with a quizzical look.

“But you should keep it secret as it is unfair on our part to reveal the marks before result declaration day” warned the madam.

“Sure madam, I will keep my promise as promised. Worry not madam, I answered her politely.
She flipped the bundle of paper and somewhere in the middle was my daughter's paper.

“Look there madam said, your daughter has left no questions unanswered correctly. She scored 25 out of 25. The second highest was only 23.”
I just stood gaping at her.



  1. Boss what about the image uploaded in your article, it seems no answer is correct

    1. For some reasons I could not upload the original image.

  2. Ha ha boss I got that image during my workshop at Gelephu.

  3. Is that paper done by your daughter? Hope that crossed mark is out of marking...thanks for the kind information you have left for us...

  4. Your daughter did an excellent job!

  5. Trying to follow the footsteps of her father? Hummm... great buddy.