Septuagenarian: a seducer.

I am not surprised, when a 76 years old man sadistically seduced his own granddaughter who is both mentally and physically challenged, because when a biological father can seduce his own daughter, what is there left for a grandpa to rape granddaughter and a teacher to rape his or her students as they do not share any umbilical relationship.
As I have mention in my last post titled “Are the men filthiest creature of this earth?” the time has urged every one of us to open our eyes and protect our mothers, sisters, daughters and nieces against an inhuman act. It is not too late for our policy makers, parliamentarians and concerned authority to take appropriate actions, to prevent from such an animalism behavior in the near future.
Photo: Google.
I am pretty sure that the rapist will have to bear the consequences as laid in the penal code of Bhutan. And that is fine for him, as he will be never deprived of basic human wants and needs in the prison. Today prison camps are like any other residential places with all the comfort facilities being bestowed by the government.

On contrary, the poor victim will have to bear unbearable stigmatization from every angle of the society. Throughout her entire journey of life she cannot raise her head in the society as her psychological strength was completely disturbed and defeated by the seducer. She has no meaning to survive and occupy this planet, even if she prefer to live, it could be an equivalent to be living in the hell.  


  1. An instructive post Norbu Sir. It is really disheartening to hear and bear such numerous rape cases. And the concerned authorities need to come up with powerful laws.Keep sharing sir. Hope everything is going well everyday. God bless you. Take Care. :)

    1. Thanks Ugyen Sir for visiting my blog and dropping comments here. Thank you so much.

  2. Bhutan being so much against it yet this headlines comes time and again on air...Norbu sir u made it informative on the front lines la...thanks

  3. Always great to see visiting my blog and leaving comments. thank you so much.

  4. It makes me sick to hear of things like this!

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