As we have right to democracy, medical assistance and equal opportunity, literacy is also a human right, which nurtures the wholesome development of human being and prepares them to be morally, mentally, physically, socially and psychologically sound and healthy. Literacy is also an essential element that helps us to appreciate towards our environments, narrow the gender inequality and develop the likings towards other nation’s culture.     

Literacy can instill a sense of honesty and integrity within our people, which will ultimately prove as a powerful weapon in curbing the corruption in the country, thereby minimizing the misuse of public resources by few influential people. As a result we share common happiness, love, togetherness and kindness.

Literacy is the root of education and act as a tool for eradication of poverty in the society, which helps in lessening the number of hungry people on this planet. It can also ensure sustainable development of any nation, so that the future generations will inherit this mother earth without being environmentally degraded like Sahara desert. Literacy can help our women to get out of daily kitchen chores and foster them to participate in the decision making process of the government. As somebody rightly said, “If you educate a man you are educating a single family member, but if you educate a woman than you are educating the whole family.”      

Owing to above essentialities and importance of literacy, the Bhutanese educated lot must unite together to create 100% literacy rate in the country. As our modern education is young, Bhutan has more than 50% of the population are under illiteracy. And those illiterate groups occupy the rural areas of Bhutan, depriving from basic modern facilities like road electricity etc. We must make these underprivileged people to smile and empower their right as a human being. Remember they are neither from Mars nor Venus. 



  1. Every individual must have equal access to education, for this is a leveller. Only equal access to education can open equal window of opportunity. Bhutan has long path to tread to attain 100% literacy keep aside 100% education. Thanks.

  2. Now in Bhutan, people have realize the importance of education, lets joins together to celebrate its significance leading rapid development to the nation.

  3. Education is important both for personal and national development. It's indeed the greatest leveler as Sangay mentioned and most recommended weapon to fight almost all social problems. It is very unlikely that illiterate person won't be ignorant. For this I give a line from book I AM MALALA : Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be re-elected. So it's great to have at least a day allocated to make people ponder over its importance. But the sad truth is it doesn't receives good attention from our government and public.

  4. Thanks every body for your great complements.