First handshake with education Minister of Bhutan.

“Bhutan is changing fast, moving fast and with this if our education system remain unreformed, there will be economy and political tragedy in the history of Bhutan” said education Minister, Lyonpo Mingbo Dukpa while addressing the teachers and students of Bjishong Middle secondary School on 26th of September 2014.
His Excellency also reminded students not to give up in life no matter what kind of problems they encountered. Never take it as a problem but take it as a challenge as it becomes opportunity. We must understand that there is no short cut key to success. All the Buddhist great practitioners who had absconded from the ocean of sufferings are the pure result of their tremendous effort rendered to the wellbeing of all sentient beings for many generations. We must do the things whole heartedly with body, mind, speech and target to achieve the higher purpose added Lyonpo.  

As a student you must never forget to grasp and understand the deeper meaning of our values, culture and tradition. School is the only place where everything is empirically practiced and learnt. His Excellency had handed over a sum of ngultrum 5000/- as a solera( money gift) to the principal of school at the closing session of the program. “Power failure in Gasa district had made my face more vivid in the dark room of Bjishong Auditorium, otherwise you can only my white teeth” said Lyonpo as he giggled. It was almost 6: pm by then.      


  1. Good report boss, his excellency visited our school too but I missed his audience as i was on leave.

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