Are the men the filthiest creature of this earth?

I heard a zillion times of news being broadcasted from local media and other international media, in correlation to men that have depicted the character of an animal. And those criminals have created a scandal, fear and chaos among our mothers, daughters, and sisters besides deteriorating the status of men on this earth. This inhuman act does not only impinge the overall image of men of this planet, it has also proved as an inbuilt weapon to destroy and breach the trust between men and women. What kind of atmosphere can we expect at home, if there is no mutual trust between a husband and the wife?

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Bhutan is a small landlocked country with just a population of 700,000 people, but we have hundreds of rapist, sadist and the number keeps on skyrocketing day after day. We never know what will happen to our mothers, sisters, daughters and the neighbors the very next day. Out of 700,000 heads only around 350,000 heads are men and if there are hundreds of rapists among 350,000 men in Bhutan, it is high time for us and concerned authority to identify the cause of problems, find the measures to curb it and implement the identified solutions. Is it not a shameful and mortifying for Bhutanese men to witness such an obnoxious and gruesome behavior?    

I am just wondering why some men cannot control their sexual urge or desire, when many can do so. I believe they are the victims of their own minds, because they are foolishly ruled by their own minds. Of course everybody understands that sex is the human biological desire practiced to derive temporary human pleasure, yet rape cannot help the men to solve his problem permanently. Rather it will just fuel his problem and drag him further in to the problem. Should we let our Bhutanese women to suffer in the world of hell and keeps on expanding the prison camp, court, judges, police personnel etc? Bhutan is considered as a land of happiness by many people around the globe.




  1. When it comes to rape, I think blaming only the rapists (mostly men) can't be completely fair. In today's world, there are also some women who initially shake their tails making a man to go in serious relationship with them. And then later when they reach in act, they declare man as being guilty just to get what he owns. The true stories I heard. In rape cases, as much as we blame rapists we should also blame or perhaps look into ambiguities of our laws related to it. Thanks bro.

  2. its all due to the mind that has not been tamed. we are human, we have a special quality and feature that's to differentiate between what is morally right and wrong. if the special trait is not utilized properly than i guess what you have written is right.

  3. Those who go against this very fact are the one who cannot control their mind. when everyone can control why cant for very few...I guess we can do it and its in ur hand and mind...not fair to this fact- sex when the sex is good...Norbu sir i was so impressed by your thoughts la....keep on posting...

  4. Norbu sir, I would label those as less-than-animal behaviors. Totally unacceptable. The law has to tie them all. It's a concern when home isn't save shelter to live in. THanks.

  5. Bro sherub absolutely true, we have hundreds of philanderers besides hundreds of harlots in Bhutan. And like you said there are many cases where a group of hookers raped many innocent men. Thanks for visiting my blog and valid comments.
    Pema sir, yes it is true when human mind cannot differentiate between good and bad, sanity and insanity, clarity and bewilderment they drag themselves in to the problem
    Thanks for your visit and valid comments.
    Sancha sir, thanks for sharing your valid thoughts and expressions. Thanks for your visit and valid comments.
    Sangay Sir, without any further debate I truly appreciate and accept your thoughts as they are even more cruel than animals. Totally unacceptable I quote your words. Thanks for your visit and valid comments.

  6. It's a case of not having self-control. People can indeed act like uncivilized animals.

  7. Sure mam those group of uncivilized animals lowered the dignity of all the men.