Joie de vivre for kids this time.

Unlike in the past, Bjishong MSS organized ever kids athletics with the aid of BAAF   (Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation) on 16th of August 2014. Thank you BAAF for making dozens of kids to smile. The day was presided by the chairperson of Gasa Dzongkhag Tshogdu (Local government assembly of Gasa District).

The competition was not at an individual level, this time the team work matters a lot. Three teams from Gasa Primary School comprising ten children in each team and 4 Teams from Bjishong MSS took an active participation in the competition. All these 70 students were aged only eight to nine years.

The 3 teams from Gasa PS were named as Chota Beam, Ninja Haturey and Dore Mon. Tiger, Apple, Dragon and lion were 4 teams of Bjishong Middle Secondary School making up to seven teams in total.
All the seven teams were bestowed to participate in following ten different events or stations.
1.   Sprint hurdles
2.   Formula one
3.   Endurance
4.   Cross hopping
5.   Rope skipping
6.   Ladder running
7.   Squat jump or Frog jump
8.   Rotational throw
9.   Knee throwing
10.Kids Javelin.

After the completion of the events, the scoring of the groups for each station was evaluated and added to find the rankings of the groups. Tiger group from Bjishong Middle Secondary took away the medals and certificates of first prize, followed by Dragon and Apple respectively. A weirdest throng had gathered in the school courtyard to witness the event. 


  1. The names of three teams from Gasa PS are interesting. And finally Tiger was the winner, as strong it was named.

  2. Rightly said Sangay Sir. And thanks for your being my regular blog audience.