As I said earlier, there is no one who does not appreciate and uphold the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche (Preciouse Master). A mother in Trashigang, who boldly tried to kill her own child proved the very prophecy of Guru. That is the rationale behind why I say; we are the last degenerated human being to occupy this planet during Buddha Shakyamuni’s time.

Yes of course everybody understand why she had undergone through such a worst nightmare, I would definitely claim that her child must be fatherless in first place; secondly she must be from underprivileged family. But is it the only solution left for her to brutally murder her own child? If a mother can kill her own child, why can’t we kill someone for our own benefit?

Did she ever try to explore other alternatives to earn bread for her baby? If she had done so, no doubt she could have easily won the bread to raise her baby as we have our beloved monarchs always there to render their service through heart and soul to the people of Bhutan like great King Ashoka of India and Thrisong Duetsen of Tibet. Also there must be some philanthropist and generous fellow citizens willing to adopt her child.

Anyway this is not the first story ever crafted in our society; in fact many gruesome stories went unnoticed by the print media and BBS the only televised media of Bhutan. Perhaps this cannot be last story, many must be in queue and it will perpetuate until the human being exit the door of this uncertain world.  

All what I mention in aforesaid writing is to tell the world “Be true human.”


  1. These are different set of mothers who find peace in killing one's own. Real mothers find peace in love and care to his own. It is simply undoing of human. Buddhist committing such blunder is unbelievable. Nice share Norbu sir.

  2. If a mother can kill her own child, what is there left for me to kill you and you kill me, there is nothing between us. Any way thank you Sangay Sir for frequently visiting my blog.