Because of Indo-Bhutan Friendship.

This is Mr. Rafukull, a man who never left any stone unturned in his life in spite of uncountable hurdles and hindrances he had encountered. Born and bred in Northern State of West Bengal India, he came to Bhutan at the age of sixteen in search of good fortune after his parents decided to discontinue his schooling. “My poor parents had no choice left, rather than forcing me to drop the school to help them in completing the daily household chores” he said.
A father of four and the eldest of the five siblings, Rafu adventitiously came to Bhutan in 1984 with his uncle as a helper in the construction sites when the modern infrastructures were booming in the country. “There were only countable number of buildings in Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan during my initial visit, but now within a short span of time, the number of buildings have shot up like a burning fire”, he said as he wag his head in an astonishing way. It is all because of the tireless effort and wise leadership of your great kings he added.”
His true fortune was discovered when he was able to grasp masonry skills much quicker than many of his co-workers ultimately promoting him as head mason in late 1980s. After few years he was promoted to Thrikha Dhal (meaning Supervisor) by one of the Bhutanese Contractor. “Under my direct supervision we have constructed two complete school structures in Dagana District and dozens of buildings in Tashigang and Thimphu and Chukha district. Today Mr. Rafu is one of the successful Indian sub contractors in Bhutan and presently he is in my school busy with the construction of 2 unit quarters for supporting staff of the school.
Like any other Sharchops (Eastern Bhutanese) Mr. Rafu can speak fluent Tshangla (The spoken dialect of eastern Bhutanese) and partially Khengkha( The spoken dialect of people originated from Zhemgang District) in central Bhutan. He is well versed in Bhutanese culture and beliefs associated with construction of houses. “The main entrance of the house or building should face the east direction as per Bhutanese culture as it is believed that it can bring good lucks to the family residing in it he said laughingly”
On being asked how much he earns in a month on an average, he said “with my present profession as a sub contractor, I can easily support my loving wife and four school going children back at home. “For that I would like to thank Royal Government of Bhutan on behalf of all Indians those who had chosen to earn their bread in Bhutan. I am proud of Indo-Bhutan friendship”. Last Sunday when I happen to asked, how he can manage without his family for months and years in a foreign land, he responded that, he really missed his beloved wife and four kids. And when I questioned him about his wife’s infidelity, he just broke into laughter and said, “Oh that is next impossible as it is quite sensitive in Muslim’s society. Incase if she happen to breach our relationship by being two-timer, it is fine for me, I have no words to say than putting a big full stop to our matrimony”.

I believe that is the true charm of Indo-Bhutan friendship sowed by third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk and Jawalal Nehru, Prime Minister of Republic India in 1958. Today as we harvest the fruits of our unique and unbreakable friendship, we share the common happiness in the interest of both the Nations. We enjoy never ending and unwavering symbiotic relationship forever.     


  1. Should it be not for the Indo-Bhutan Friendship we won't have constructed length of roads that connects all parts of Bhutan. Should it be not for the readily available indian laborers, we won't have constructed many buildings that we have today. Thanks for Indo-Bhutan Friendship which is benefiting both the countries immensely. Nice Read Norbu sir.

  2. Thank you Sangay Sir for your valid comments and of course being my frequent blog visitor.