To The Panel.


I was deeply saddened and totally dismayed on 2nd of July 2014, when one of the panel members (Dzongkha) deliberately told me “Mr. Norbu your response for my question is out of topic”. It was in Ministry of Education conference hall at Thimphu, while I was being interviewed by MoE bureaucrats for availing scholarship offered by TICA (Thailand International Cooperation Agency). After having completed my introductory part in English medium with the chief panel, the Dzongkha interviewer had accelerated his question in Dzongkha language to me as follows:

Question: “Well Mr. Norbu, I really appreciate the way you communicate in English, and I have sensed your genuine interest and enthusiasm in learning English, but on contrary, as a teacher can you highlight some of the tangible accomplishments that you have initiated to promote and preserve our national Language Dzongkha in your School?    

Answer: Thank you sir for your valuable and concerning question. In the first place as an educator, I am shouldered with huge responsibilities and duties to nurture and shape our future citizens as best servants of the nation in times to come. So obviously it is my integral duty to educate our children on significance of our national language and other national identities which are indispensable pillars to keep our sovereignty alive forever. Secondly as a citizen it is my fundamental duty to uphold, promote and strengthen our national language Dzongkha. Having realized my duty as an educator and concerned citizen, I have always played a key role in disseminating and creating advocacy on importance of Dzongkha to my students back in the school besides teaching mathematics and physics which I am trained for.

Question: Mr. Norbu, my second question for you is: With an institutionalization of democracy in Bhutan since 2008, how many governments are there in place governing our young democratic country Bhutan?

Answer:   Sir to answer your question, after we have ushered the values and principles of democracy, the DPT ( Druk Phunsum Tshogpa) had instituted the first democratic government of Bhutan headed by 1st democratically elected Prime Minister Lyonchen Jigme Yoezer Thinley after his party was elected by the first voters of Bhutan on 24th of March 2008. Consequently under the wise and dynamic leadership and guidance of our beloved kings, the first government (DPT) had successfully implemented the 10th five year plan in the interest of our people. And today we have PDP (People’s Democratic Party) in power after she was collectively elected by us on 13th of July 2013. Headed by young and exuberant Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, the elected government is in place currently serving our king, people and the country with utmost dedication in spite of limited resources we have. So all and all we have only a government in place. Suddenly a voice of a Dzongkha interviewer was heard again “Mr. Norbu your response was incorrect and it was just off the track”. Out of my amazement and bewilderment I just uttered Sir I am just confused with your query and would be grateful if sir could make it more explicit. To my surprise the Dzongkha panel told the house, “Mr.Norbu there are two governments in democratic Bhutan namely National Council and National Assembly of Bhutan.  In the due process unwittingly I had picked the debate with the interviewer defending my arguments based on constitution of Bhutan. When I defended my arguments based on separation of the Executive, the   Legislature and the judiciary and no encroachment of each other’s power, the concerned panel member was annoyed. I have informed the house that the National council being house of the review its primary function is to review the matters affecting the security and sovereignty of the country besides legislative functions. So obviously NC does not shoulder any executive matters.

So now I am further confused and I am sure that I won’t be selected for the scholarship as I have violated the conduct of interviewee. As deeply entrenched in our culture, disrespecting for elders, masters, teachers, seniors and interviewers are considered as an offence and for sure my marks will be negative based on my conduct with interviewers. Yet still my implausible mind envisage for the correct answer.

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