The purpose of life.

No matter whether you believe in Buddhism, or you belongs to Christianity or Islam or Hinduism or else in any practices of the world we share a common work, responsibilities, target, goal, mission, vision and so on. As His holiness Dalai Lama said “whether you believe in religion or not, there is no one who does not appreciate kindness and compassion.” Regardless of difference in cast, religion, color of skin and the place we live, we live in the same planet as one large family.

 In spite of our sameness sometimes we tend to forget our purpose of living in the same planet. Some people by virtue of destiny or by virtue of luck, they could easily accumulate countless tall buildings, latest fashionable cars etc and etc. On contrary, around 70% of the world population was just surviving hand to mouth. That unluckiest group enjoys the very limited right to education, right to democracy, right to live and right to religion.

 Yet another 10% of the society we live in earns their living through the world’s oldest profession called prostitution. In fact they have no choice, they are choice less.

 Another few section of the society, make their living through deceiving their fellow human being, robbing the precious commodities of the world in pursuit of claiming to be the world’s extravagant man or woman, but in due process they are hooked in the net of  law enforcers for violating the laws of the particular nation. This perpetuates to enlarge the size of prison camp and ultimately Gov of the nation has to incur heavy expenditures for the criminals.

 For how long we can continue this legend? Or are we simply ignoring all these facts? What can we do to help our own human race? Is there any method to widen the gap between poor and rich, pound wise and penny less, privileged and the underprivileged, landlord and the servant, master and the follower??


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