City life.

Isn’t it saddening for adult citizens to witness the rapid demolishing of our values, beliefs and ethos?  Perhaps we should not be aghast of the change, because some of us act as an ambassador for the change. Major chunk of the parents who leads city life are the usher of the change. When a big gun is fully engrossed in watching wrestling in the bedroom, mother is watching her favorite serial, while children are busy playing computer games. What is this city life? We have no time to eat even a casual dinner together. As a result, our young and innocent minds used to grasp the screen as world for them. In the due course time they are completely discarded from being Bhutanese.

  His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo said in 1999, when the internet was introduced in Bhutan for the first time, “with the introduction of television and internet in Bhutan, I can foresee both good and evil, yet if we can explicitly segregate between these, I have no doubt that our television and internet will benefit our citizen to navigate in 21st century.” Today after elapsing a dozen of years after the arrival of internet and television service, we are the best judge to weigh its positive and negative impact in our young and innocent minds. After passing the judgment, it is not the end of the task; rather we must identify the wrong part of the system and amend it immediately. Along with the imported values we must never forget to instigate the values that we have inherited from our great kings and forefathers.

Our young and innocent minds are clean, open and empty. It has an immeasurable power and ability to grasp beyond what has been captured by the brain of Albert Einstein, Aristotle and Sir Isaac Newton. It has also an immense power to create social harmony beyond the creation of Abram Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Ghandiji, Nelson Mandela and fourth king of Bhutan Jigme Singey wangchuk, the father of GNH.   On contrary, if we are not mindful in nurturing our young and innocent mind it has tremendous power to completely destroy this planet. But we are never too late to act upon.


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