The Carrer Centric system.

Learning for life is more important than learning for exam as acclaimed by many educationists.  Yet in our young and imported education system we have never implemented learning for life in a practical manner. By virtue of our system, we are forced to prepare our students for exam rather than enduring learning.

The fact is that, when our youths enter the world of job market, their academic achievements are valued above anything else. Essential human qualities that one must possess such as human conduct, discipline, human values, beliefs, ethos, brotherhood, sisterhood were knowingly ignored by the concerned authorities. Even if one lacks above human conduct, and if his or her academic ratings are higher than others, obviously he or she is selected as a young bureaucrat in the system, sowing the seed of corruption in the country. If one lacks integrity, honesty and patriotism towards one’s country, he or she is good for nothing fellow in spite of their high mental cognition. We must remember that all intelligent persons are always not loyal, but all loyal people are not always intelligent.

 As an educator for many years, I have nurtured thousands of students from different caste, childhood upbringings, culture, parental and social background. Each of them has their own unique way of reacting to this changing world. Some are brilliant yet they lack humanity. They are filled with super ego with their head upright and simply erasing the low achievers group from their friend list. Few of them own both brilliantness and humanity simultaneously. Another few of them does well in learning process than product. When we actually scrutinize the differences between process and product, their smartness in the exam plays a crucial role in widening the gap between product and process. Sometimes we are shock to see the low achievers topping the exam owing to his or her exam smartness. Those groups of students are embedded with inbuilt exam techniques like practicing of unfair means. 

  Few years before MoE(Ministery of Education), has introduced new parameter called PMS (Performance Management System) to rank the schools of Bhutan. This new system is heavily based on examination results of the students building the hurdles for teachers in preparing our students to learn for life. In fact teachers are forced by the system to prepare our learners for exam rather than preparing for life. But with all this system in place, what would be the consequences after decades of years? Is it the right decision taken by our policy makers? Should we continue this legend? 


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