Bjishong makes history.


The history was recorded in the book of Bjishong MSS and the glimpse of memories were already hanging on the walls of school museum. We can still feel the presence of His Holiness the Chabje  Khenchen Trueku Jigme Choda, the 70th Jekhenpo of Bhutan, as an ultimate refuge of all the sentient beings that exist in the samsara of six realms in the never-ending cyclic process. Sublime of smiles on our face were still undiminished and that would perpetuate until we bade farewell to this uncertainty and mundane world.

We were overwhelmed and excited on 10th of May 2014 on hearing an imperative news of His Holiness visiting Gasa Dzongkhag to consecrate the newly renovated Tashi Thongmen Dzong, which was partially engulfed by fire in 2008.  Gasa Tashithongmen Dzong just stands on the top of the hill above famous Gasa hot spring overlooking Dochula, one of the highest pass in Bhutan.

Upon welcoming the exalting news, principal of Bjishong MSS resolved to invite Chabje khenchen to our school, which is located few meters away from the highway connecting Gasa dzongkhag with other parts of Bhutan. The decision of the principal was ushered by all the stakeholders and collectively delegated the preparatory works among staff. None of us ever took their assigned task as a burden; rather every family member grasps it as a lifetime opportunity to prepare for such historic visit. With our irrepressible and indefatigable effort tailored with enthusiastic mind, we have finally accomplished our assigned task the day before scheduled. 

Our eagerness and excitement to receive His eminence keeps on growing like a burning fire and the second hand of the clock seems never turning. Finally on the morning of13th May 2013, as I peep through my bedroom window, I could see the sky free of clouds, eastern sun has just started radiating the radiance behind the horizon. The spring birds were singing melancholically with full throated ease. As I embark to cook the breakfast of the day, I have prepared myself for the day side by side. I have chosen the best attire and as I dressed up in front of dressing mirror, I look spick and span. My new traditional boot has invigorated me for the programme of the day.

 It was around 1:00 pm of the day, and we were already in queue near our school gate wearing kabney, traditional boot and Khadar folded in our hand. Suddenly when we were fully engrossed in our local conversations, we heard the usual sound of pilot cars. As Chabje khenchen disembark the red Prado, we have ushered His holiness and the team according to our Driglam Namzha, which is deeply rooted in our culture since 1616 A.D.

  A huge throng has gathered in our multipurpose hall to receive teachings and blessings from His Holiness the Jekhenpo of Bhutan. I have never witnessed such an unusual crowd ever gathered in the history of Bjishong MSS. For about an hour we are privileged to receive the spiritual authorization on mantra of Guru padmasambawa, mantra of Tara ( Jetsun Dem), Mantra of Buddha of infinite compassion ( Chenrizig), Mantra of Buddha of wisdom ( Manjusheri), etc.

 As His Holiness and the team waves their hand, the glumness has shaken our school with our heart palpitating, though we understand that parting after meeting is completely natural phenomena.  Today we can no longer see the full moon appearance-face of His Holiness the Jekhenpo of Bhutan. Yet his teachings and blessings were echoing in our mind. The memories are printed deep in our heart and shall be vivid forever.

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