The Cry

As soon as baby is out of mother’s womb, they scream and cry. Rather why don’t they chuckle and giggle, when their confinement is over. Usually prisoners are overwhelmed and excited when their prison term has approached to an end. In reality when babies are freed from a sophisticated womb they should be celebrating the moment with utmost joy, pleasure and happiness. But these things don’t seem to happen in real life situation. I wonder if there is any research being done pertaining to these particular phenomena.  Or else there must books of psychologist highlighting this natural phenomenon, which I must have failed to read it, owing to my poor reading habit.
Of course this piece of writing may prove baseless as it was not incubated form research findings. It is solely based upon my thoughts and wisdom that I have accomplished in my life time. The screaming and crying of the baby right after the birth conveys a super strong meaning of life. With our first second of survival, in this earth evoke us to cry, what does it indicate? Does it mean to warn us that our life would be stiff and tough to survive? Does it mean one has to shed tears and produce hundred liters of sweat to make his or her living? Does it mean that all the entities and materials that exist on this earth will decay one day and bade farewell to this earth? Ultimately I may agree with all the above points stated.  Life wasn’t easy for us to lead comfortably and serenely on this earth. Cultivating an easy and comfort life in this world isn’t a piece of cake for everybody.  If one dreams to make his or her living a very fruitful and prosperous, he or she must engage in doing some profitable works that prerequisite ample of sacrifices and hard works. However in the process many are likely to encountered with ample of struggles to stop our way. Not a single target is accomplished as one wishes to accomplish. Every after passage of day or night, the surrounding around us keeps on altering and to suit with these changes, one must also transform both mentally, morally, psychologically and physically. If one fails to adapt with the new environment, he or she collapses.  To be fitted least at the corner of the society, one must possess countless buildings, nice cars, good friends and the family fame making it in to the Guinness book of world record. On contrary pound less and underprivileged people are neglected off the society. We simply ignore them is if they were from Mars and Venus and having different form than us. Should everybody be equivalent to Bill Gates, who should be the penny less people???