An Infallible Calendar.

With an incubation of human civilization in this world, nature played an inevitable role of calendar and life giving elements to all the sentient beings. On an account, people worshiped nature as a god, there by preserving the tress, rocks as a site of seeking blessings.

 The natural objects like sun, moon and the fire were believed to be gift of god to illuminate this mundane world. The anomaly shaped of stone and old trees were worshiped as a scared place of sepent or (lue) and it served as their only refuge. In return people were benefited with life supporting element such as water, food, shelter etc. They also act as our time keeper, direction indicator and guide. Natural objects like river, trees, grass, insects birds etc remind us when to sow the seeds, when to harvest the crops, what things are available in the forest and what time we must look for.

   In an around us, we can witness the vanishing green color of grasses and turning to yellow. This phenomenon is followed by shedding of leaves from the deciduous trees and falling of snow on the mountain. It indicates the approaching of winter.   



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