Decade Jubilee.

The dragon flag was hoisted on the top of the mast and it is fluttering in the cold morning breeze. A huge throng had gathered in the courtyard wearing colorful and beautiful attires. On either sides of the courtyard there are stalls piled with toy cars, edible fast foods, office stationeries and other grocery items. And the nature is kind enough to bless the event with cloudless sky. 
Chief guest.

This is Bjishong Central School celebrating “The Decade Jubilee”. The only school in Gasa which host secondary level education was founded in 2007. The school was built under of one of the projects fully funded by government of India (GOI). It is located above beautiful Damji village overlooked by gorgeous mountains from all the corners. The school covers an area of 21.7 acres in the middle of dense temperate forest.

An alumni delivering speech.
The mark the special day, Bjishong Alumnus was invited in advance from various parts of the country. Many of them shared their willingness to support school through formation of Bjishong Alumni Association. Dasho Dzongda the Chief Guest of the day had awarded token of prizes for seven staff of the school for their unwavering services to the school for last 10 years.

The school was founded under the dynamic leadership of 1st Principal Norbu Gyeltshen(2007-2011). The other 11 energetic teachers had helped him to light the lamp of knowledge in the school. Then there was 193 students ranging from class PP to IX.  The first batch of Class X students were graduated in 2008. Since then the enrollment data kept rising continuously. Under the wise leadership of 1st Principal, erstwhile Bjishong Middle Secondary School was ranked 27th amongst the schools of Bhutan in 2011.

Today we have 539 students from 20 districts, with 49 faculties headed by exuberant Principal Karma Sangay. The school was reformed in 2014 as one of the Autonomous School in Bhutan under the directives from Ministry of Education. In the consecutive year the school was reformed as Central School along with 23 other schools across the length and breadth of Bhutan. Approximately there are hundreds of Bjishong graduates pursuing higher education in various collages of Royal University Bhutan, and few in international colleges around the globe. The school aspires to produce more and more productive citizens in times come.   

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