Thank You Pema Sir.

I never knew there is someone other than my countable blog followers visiting my amateur blog. Yesterday I was truly stunned and deeply humbled when an unknown person called Mr. Pema Tenzin messaged me through facebook as follows.
Dear Norbu Sir,
I visit your blog, in fact, everyday. Your articles amazing to read. As a coordinator of a youth magazine called Students' Digest, I am looking for articles from contributors (especially from teachers and students). Your recent posted article "A memorable journey" is a worth reading. It will augur well for our readers. So, if Sir could grant your permission to publish it in our magazine, we would be great.

Thank you.
Warm wishes,

Students Digest Team.
As I read the message, instantly I knew Mr. Pema is none other than the team leader of Student digest magazine of Bhutan. Thank you Pema sir for choosing one of my articles to be publishes in your upcoming volume of “Student digest magazine”. At the same time I shall never forget to thank you for visiting my little world. This is for the first time I am receiving such an inspiring message from a genius person like Mr. Pema Tenzin ever since my blog was conceived a year ago.

Sir, your kind message will completely change my blogging atmosphere hereafter although I am still a novice blogger. Every words of your message have fueled me to keep fingering my words regardless of my limited writing skills in English. Your kind words will be cherished throughout my life.   


  1. That will indeed be a dose of inspiration for any blogger. You are lucky bro. You are blessed with what we can only dream. Keep blogging

  2. What a terrific surprise! You never know who is reading your material!