Keeping Gasa disconnected: Bhutan Telecom.

Industrial revolution had already come to an end. And the present world is already experiencing an era of internet. One can witness that in every parts of the world the technology is traveling at the speed of light but the irony is that Gasa (the place where I stay) remained disconnected from the rest of the world for almost three weeks.

When Bhutan telecom stakeholders are being questioned they simply told us that some of the network equipments got burnt down due to lightening at Dochula, which was a lame excuse. If they have taken the matter seriously they would have fixed the problem within a few days’ time because Dochula is located just above the nose of Thimphu. If one has to realize the value of three week’s time, it is slightly greater than the whole lifespan of a housefly. Residents of Thimphu will cry loud if they were cut from electricity for a second and showers of telephone will vibrate the walls of Bhutan telecom office if network fluctuates for a minute in Thimphu.

In a nutshell it was a sheer negligence of Bhutan Telecom towards Gasa Dzongkhag. As a result I have remained completely shut off from the rest of the world for almost three weeks. But thank god everything got normal today and anticipates that the same story will not repeat again.


  1. But, never mind sir one day it would be fine when Bhutan becomes economically stable...keep going

  2. I was wondering where you had been. I'm sorry for your troubles with having your country disconnected from the rest of the world. It's hard to imagine that such a thing could occur in today's world.