The Pleasant Spring.

The new green of spring is shimmering in the warm yellow light. Everything looks fresh and stupendous. Flocks of scintillating birds were soaring up effortlessly above the green earth. Around the blossomed beautiful flowers, hundreds of bees were buzzing around the tender petals. Fountains of butterflies were dancing around the tips of tress’ fingers.

Down in the field farmers were singing melodious songs with their oxen ploughing the earth. The sky has already started pouring light shower creating the spectrum of rainbows on the other side of the mountain. Dust particles had humbly settled on the ground cleansing the atmosphere. The fresh morning dews on the tips of grasses were glittering merrily under the morning sun.

Echoes of roaring rivers were amplifying day after day. Herds of cows were grazing in the green meadows. The limitless blue sky is almost clouded with thick rain clouds. Fresh glacier water is meandering down the mountains as the white snow on the peaks starts to melt. Spring had finally arrived in Bhutan. 

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  1. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year! Our spring arrived about two months ago. We're entering into summer - it's hot!