Flash back: First constitutional case. PART II

After DPT instituted the first democratic government under the wise and dynamic leadership of His Majesty the 5th king of Bhutan, Jigme khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, the headlines on political reformation was never out of sight. In fact it has dominated the everyday headlines on BBS screen and other print media as well. The signing of constitution on 18th July, 2008 has feathered the young democratic Bhutan with addition of another new chapter in the history.        
The fascinating nature of political beauty was witnessed by the people of Bhutan, when two members of the opposition dauntlessly took the government before the court of justice on the basis of levying heavy tax on import of motor vehicles without an approval from the parliament of Bhutan.
Indeed the first constitutional case has emerged as top stories in BBS and other print Medias. “We support the government in levying heavy tax on motor vehicles, yet we have serious of doubt in the implementation process and that is why we have forwarded the matter to high court of Bhutan” said opposition leader through BBS screen in 2010.
Finally the much awaited verdict was passed by the high court in favor of opposition. The verdict was passed based on unconstitutionality of levying tax by the government without an approval from the parliament. “It is not that opposition has won, rather people of Bhutan has won” said opposition leader in his interview with BBS radio.
“We are deeply disheartened by the verdict of high court and it is the total miscarriage of the justice. With regard to direct taxation, government is fully authorized by the constitution to levy the tax in the interest of the nation and I am pretty sure that my government had not violate any law of the kingdom” said Prime Minister of Bhutan, Jigme Thinley through telephone interview with BSS, who is on tour to Bangladesh as a chair of SAARC in 2010. Bhutan was also witnessed by the entire world, when it has ever hosted the historic 16th SAARC summit at Thimphu chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan.
Photo: Internet.

As expected by everyone, the government had forwarded the first constitutional case to the supreme court of Bhutan, responsible for passing the final judgment. Then the government was represented by Attorney general of Bhutan and MP Damcho Dorji of Gasa was from the opposition side. His co-PDP member, the opposition leader was out of country for medical purpose in Thailand after his lower Jaw was fractured in bike accident while racing from Bumthang to Thimphu.

The hearing was done for many times as per the judicial procedures of Bhutan. Attorney general had defended the government with pages of explanation on constitutionality of levying the tax by the government alone. However the two opposition members had never bunch an inch leading to the victory when the judgment was finally passed by the supreme court of Bhutan.

The verdict passed by the supreme court of Bhutan proved as an indigestible judgment to DPT government and the nation was filled with rumors, that the government is planning to step down from her power. For two consecutive days after the verdict was passed by the supreme court of Bhutan, all the DPT MPs including the Prime Minister went for secrete meeting at Motithang in Thimphu. 

During this course of time, many media personal has approached the government to discover their secrecy of meeting, yet government has never entertained and refused to appear in front of BBS camera and refused to comment on any matter. Finally towards the evening of 2nd day, the prime minister has announced that the rumors were untrue and government has high respect for the judgment passed by the Supreme Court of Bhutan.


  1. Sometimes you just don't know what to believe when it comes to the government.

  2. Sometimes you just don't know what to believe when it comes to the government.