Shame on Bhutanese II

I have shared about the intolerable situation raining along the southern border of Bhutan, sometime in September last year. If you fail to recollect the story you can just click the link.

“The more I see of the Bhutanese, the more I am pleased with them. Apart from their trustworthiness and good humor” said, Bogle, “the Bhutanese were the best built-race of men I ever saw”. Should such gruesome news rang on the Mr. Bogle’s ears he would cry for the mistake he had created in choosing the right words to describe Bhutanese people. I felt so ashamed to say that I am a citizenship holder of Bhutan; because it has become so difficult for me to trust my neighbors. Whom you are going trust, when you even can’t trust your own friends or neighbors. 

Recently BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting service) has run the news highlighting about kidnapping cases, which has scandalized people residing along the border. As I have mentioned earlier in my post, the criminal mastermind were none other than our own people. Besides abetting, the whole intrigue was planned by three men who were arrested by RPB (Royal Bhutan Police.) I am just wondering why these came to occupy this planet. If they can’t be the source of harmony at least they shouldn’t be the source of disharmony. 

But one thing I should make very explicit. Simply I don’t want to generalize that every Bhutanese are same. There are only few rotten apples among thousands that must be segregated and dump it in the bin. If these few numbers are crushed and properly disposed off, Bhutan will be the land of Paradise in the world as deemed by our visionary kings.

I believe we must delete the citizenship of those criminals before it is too late, because it is beyond human understanding to tolerate such an immoral act in the land Happiness. In order to prevent such an unacceptable act in the near future every Bhutanese must unite together. As someone said, “united we stand divided we fall”. There is nothing we can’t do through unity. Napoleon said “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools”. Nothing remains unachievable for the united souls. Sir Winston Churchill said “never never give up”. With these three words English armies had won against Nazis Party in the World War II.


  1. Nice reading ur article after a long break...m so sorry since i couldnt visit many pages...thanks for sharing

  2. I read the news through BBS and was disappointed to know about it. May be a proper investigation would justify why they were so motivated to help selling our own people.

  3. It's a tragic story. What could be driving them into doing these things.
    Thanks for sharing the awareness.

  4. That is a tragic story. I hope you are able to rid your country of these criminals.

  5. That is a tragic story. I hope you are able to rid your country of these criminals.

  6. And here we were blaming our neighbours. Its disgusting to know that our bhutanese are failing our country. Only if law had in it to have these people driven out of the country.

  7. That’s nasty and disastrous... Today Bhutanese are drowned into the materialistic world. So, they will do everything to get cash. We need to be alert at-times. Proper-genuine investigation should be done by Gov.
    Nice write-up la...
    Keep sharing... :)