The mighty Police.

I saw our parliamentarians enacting uncountable number of laws. Just after ushering the seed of democracy in Bhutan 2008, under the leadership of first democratically elected government (DPT) Druk Phunsum Tshogpa meaning Bhutan peace and prosperity party, the first parliament of Bhutan has enacted and passed around 40 Acts.     

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But who else are willing to adhere to our laws, policies, protocols and rules. Who are the enforcers and implementers? Are there any government institutions to make sure that our people are enjoying equal rights within the sphere of our laws? According to constitution of Bhutan article number 4, “Every person shall have the duty to act in aid of the law”. But I believe our laws are applicable only for innocent and underprivileged portion of the society. As many said, our police nets can catch only small fishes and when it comes to bigger fishes the knots of nets gets easily unfastened.

Alas, just a month before, I saw one of the police Major-General proudly smoking in the prohibited place. In fact a free smoking zone area. Unfortunately there was no one who was willing to charge him. Even a stray doesn’t dare to move near the mighty police. I don’t want to name the place and the might police for number of reasons. If I do so I will be in the police net.

Now what would be the scenario if it was a commoner in place of that powerful police? He or she must have been arrested and dragged him or her to the police center station. What is the use of Tobacco control Act of Bhutan, if our law enforcers are the first ones to disobey the law? Let it be the grand feast for silverfishes.       


  1. what you've stated was all correct and need to look it seriously. need our parliamentarians to see all needs of the laws being implemented well else the concept of GNH would go in question...well written and analysed ...thanks

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  3. That's not right. Police should not be above the law. It sounds like there's a lot of corruption where you live.

  4. Very true Sir, somehow i have also observed that rules are only applied for the under privileged people and commoner like us. i have also seen such incidence but sadly the history continues and i wonder for how long.