As I reflect back.

The year 2014 is almost approaching an end. Shamelessly I have no extraordinary deeds to be depicted at this time. I did nothing for anybody’s sake including for myself.  I have just ruined my life here at Gasa. Here is the list of things that I have miserably fail to accomplish for 2014.
    1.   I learnt nothing to upgrade my professional career.
    2.   I could not read books more than 10.
    3.   I haven’t achieved 100% pass percentage in all the subjects I taught.
 4.   I have miserably failed in coping with a habit of going for morning walk. On account of this, the weight of my body hasn’t been minimized by even 1 kilogram.
5.   When I went to check my bank balance, I have only few thousands.
6.   I could not provide love and care for my family as expected by them.
7.   I could not please my boss for many a times.
8.   I could not render my support to my friends as per their wishes.
9.   For many a times, I have uttered indigestible words to my students.
10.I have picked unhealthy quarrel with my wife for couple of times.
    11. I could not give up my imbibing habit.

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  1. Hi Norbu, instead of listing out what you didn't do, try to list what you have done and achieved ;) Always think of the bright side of life! Cheers! :)

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  3. Sometime it happens but you can always try again. Good luck with that in 2015.

  4. I would support what Rima ma'am has mentioned, I am sure that if you list what you have achieved then the list will exceed by larger values. Try it once Norbu Sir. Nevertheless, I am absolutely sure that you have learned values from the aforementioned points for Napoleon Hill says; "Every failure, every heartache, every adversity carries the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Wishing you a happy life ahead. Hope you and your dear beloved family members and friends are all doing great with sound in health. God bless you all. Regards from me. Take care. :)

  5. This proves you can bounce back with renewed strides and efforts. Now with the 2014 getting submerged, hope you're preparing for 2015. God bless you bro..

  6. Hello Norbu sir,
    Be positive and whatever the things that you say are ill then hurriedly digest it. Everything will be going to be great next day.
    Stay calm and have fun.
    When it comes to the bank balance may be we are sailing in the same boat. Haha :D
    Pleasant evening ahead 

  7. Seems like this post was written when you were struck by the wind of sorrows and agony. Haha. Be positive. Saying is though easy but lets try. I am nothing different from you buddy. Want to check my balance? Haha. You were find you are too rich when compared to me. haha

  8. Do not worry boss, same phenomenon with me, if I have 20,000 it get dissolved unnoticed, so I am planning to go to my hometown with 10,000 instead of 60 to 70 thousands of bugs. Nothing seems to be lasting forever, so let the wind blow off those of your failures. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come so live for today..........all the best!
    Happy new year in advance because I will be away from my blog for vacation.

  9. You know what? If you focus on what you did wrong, or didn't accomplish, it brings you down. Don't do that. I'm sure you did something right. Like you made some blogger friends and connected with people around the world. That's pretty cool! Now go make a list of the good things you've done!

  10. Thank you everyone for your emotional support. Rather than being pessimist I will try to be an optimist.

  11. Norbu sir alys count the brighter part of ur life not the darker part.