The busiest November Month.

Dear blogger friends, extremely sorry for being not able to update myself with your new updates. Besides deriving immense pleasure through reading your glamorous and splendid post, it has also proved as a fuel to enhance my communication ability in English.With the passage of time, everything is getting calmer and calmer. I am almost getting back to the normal and hope I can resume very soon.

Now my new post begins:

Along with approaching of busiest November at the end, the time is slowly unburdening my workload. My wife could easily complete some of the minute household chores.My little son is gaining in strength day by day. His limbs are almost restless and he sucks his mother’s breast at higher frequency than usually normal babies does. He shit and wee now and then.

I was being told by one of the health workers that if baby shit and wee very often, it indicates the physical growth of the baby is speeding at the speed of light. Therefore I have never bothered to wash at least two buckets of my baby wrappers in the chilly bathroom every morning.

Away from my home, the annual examination for 2014 has already begun and it is sailing very smoothly without any hindrances. Formative assessment (CA) marks were compiled and getting ready to enter into the progress report of the students. The performance evaluation (PE) form was ready to forward to the concerned authority.

Winter has already arrived. I could see the mountain peaks being covered by the snow. Grasses has turned to yellow and winter birds are warbling melodiously. I could see the more number of traffic plying towards famous Gasa hot spring.  


  1. Glad that your son is well growing healthily everyday. As winter spreads across your environs, may you have joyous time to relish the gist of the season. Regards from me. God bless you all. Take Care. :)

  2. Good that your baby is training you to be a good house wife. hehe

  3. LOL life is same in the school but different at home Norbu sir.
    Glad to know that both mother and baby are growing stronger everyday.
    May Triple Gem Bless 3 of u.
    Happy life ahead :)

  4. Interesting post, Norbu. It feels good to get insight into your busy life although a brief moment. Love to read more from you.

  5. glad to know your baby and baby mother growing stronger day by day.God bless you all

  6. Glad to hear your son is doing well! Yes, there will be a lot of diaper changes in your future!