Worst daylight nightmare…..

Dear blogger friends, hope you had a very wonderful weekend. And let me wish very great weekdays here after. Before you start to ignite your business for the week, I would like to request you to spend 5 minutes in reading my article. I promise it will give you immense pleasure and keep you giggling and chuckling for a week.  Indeed a true story that will act as a laughing gas.  
“Bye-bye, take care and study hard brother” was the last word I heard. I quickly pressed the telephone switch to make sure that it gets disconnected as quickly as possible. I felt relaxed and I took my own time to place the telephone receiver where it is supposed to be. Before I turned my face towards the exit door of the booth, I heard a noise of printer printing the bill. The printer was parked just adjacent to the counter. There was no one behind the counter to settle my bill. I just walked near the main outdoor exit to see my friend who is waiting for me. I told him to have a patient for few minutes.
I slowly walked inside the shop and waited there for few seconds. A young girl appeared from the door of the adjacent room. It must be a kitchen room because the girl was cleaning her mouth with a napkin that we usually do after eating dinner or elevenses. She had fair complexion and she had proactively dressed with a thin white T-shirt to escape from the summer heat of Zhemgang(one of the twenty districts of Bhutan). When she smiles at me, she looks quite horny in that dress.
“Can I have the bill please?” I requested her.
“Here it is” and she handed the printed bill to me.
I quickly started to read the bill. I slowly fixed my on eye on the bottom page of the bill to read the total amount. I could not control my astonishment when I saw the total amount. I stood gaping at the bill for a moment. I am sure I have spent only 2 to 3 minutes talking with my brother who is at Bumthang. To my surprise the bill was amounting to Nu. 60/-(Ngultrum means Bhutanese currency equivalent to Indian Rupee)
I grimly handed over the bill to the counter and made polite enquiry to confirm the total amount. She told “yes that is the correct figure and our phone system does not have any error”. I could not utter a word because the situation had grown beyond my control. I am completely shock, perturbed and astonished with the high amount of bill. I could not decide what to do for a moment, because all I have is only Nu.50 in my pocket. I sneeringly built my courage to ask her permission to walk out of the shop for some emergency purpose.
 She was so kind enough to accept my request without any complains. I felt so relieved and quickly ran outside looking for my friend, hoping that he will definitely rescue me from the daylight nightmare. Alas he was seen nowhere else near the shop. Neither there was anyone around me whom I know them very well.
Left with no any other options, I have returned my face to the shop with my shoulders shrugged and blush face in a distress. I have made my mind to confess the truth and request the counter girl to settle the bill with Nu. 50. I cursed myself for not having brought up all few hundred bucks that I have in the hostel. I even sniveled and whispered to myself that my friend is a big ass.
I hesitantly stepped into the shop to clear my bill. This time, I saw two girls standing behind the counter busy talking to each other. When I was able to reach near the counter, the previous counter girl had walked inside the other room after saying “sister please settles this bill with him” pointing her finger at me. The new counter woman was appearing familiar to my eyes. And I kept staring at her face and she was also grinning at me. Within a fraction of second I recognized her as my Geography teacher at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School before 3 years ago.
“Are you mam Deki” I enquired in a quavering voice.
“Yes I am Madam Deki and are you Norbu Wangdi?”  Mam responded in a soft voice.
“What do you do here at Zhemgang Norbu?” Madam threw the next question to me.
I am students of Zhemgang Higher Secondary School Madam I responded in a polite note.
“I am glad to know that you have qualified for government school after class X, and now you must strive to excel in your studies here after” made her next statement.
I will try my best Madam, I answered  stammeringly.
Mam Deki was my geography teacher when I was in class VII at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School. After a year, she was transferred to somewhere else. At present I believe Madam is working as a lecturer in Sherubtshe collage, Kanglung.
Without further conversation Madam had handed over the telephone bill to me with a quick squint.
I boldly took my decision and told “Madam all I have is Nu.50/-. Will you favor me to settle the bill with Nu. 50.” Madam quickly nodded her head and said “just pay how much you have”. Then in a great sigh of relief I have cleared my bill with Nu. 50.


  1. Hoho..... that would have thrown anyone to nervousness. But madam Deki had saved you from further day-light-embarrassment. By the way, she has also taught English to my batch in seven standard. And I recently met her. She says she is currently working as lecturer in Royal Thimphu College here in Thimphu. Thanks for sharing your experiences bro. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Thank you bro your updates on mam Deki and of course leaving your glamorous comments. Thank you so much.

  2. God sees the truth but waits............

    1. Boss Mam was my god. Otherwise I would have landed in washing the plates in the hotel for one week.

  3. Norbu sir...i guess you have gone into a horrible situation once upon a time. anyway everything at the end seemed to be fine after you have met madam. So, the teacher and student relation made your situation better than any ...thanks

    1. Yes Sancha sir, as you said, the relationship between teacher and students never dies until and unless both leaves this world behind. It is because of Mam I am finally rescued. Thanks for your wonderful comments la.

  4. \Haha :D
    I have similar story. When I was in class six, I with my bestie entered into a cafeteria to eat momo(dumpling). We had nu.20 in hand; we ordered 4 plates of momo. I thought a plate of momo will cost just nu.5. How ever, our guessing was too low.
    We asked for bill and owner took out a bill worth of nu. 60.
    We were in critical situation. At last problem was solved by one of our neighbor, lending us nu.50 :P
    Norbu sir, while reading your post, I truly giggled going down to my own memory lane.
    Happy day ahead 

    1. Mam Rupa it is lucky that you have somebody near you to lend their helping hand, but in my case there was no one. My friend was found to be no where. Anyway thanks for your read and taking a pain to leave beautiful comments in my page. Thank you so much.