Levy levied.

I don’t know how to explore my thoughts on tax, levied by Royal government of Bhutan very recently, which has alarmed in an every corner of the society. I don’t know I may be wrong as I have different perspectives to share, with regard to levying of tax.
But it doesn’t mean that I have some sort of affiliation with PDP (people’s Democratic Party) present ruler of the country. I am neither related to Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay nor my constituency’s representative MP Lekey Dorji. I am neither a proselytizer nor an evangelist trying to heal the repercussion of PDP and shoot up an aggrandizement of PDP government.
I know I am just a humble civil servant. For my little service that I render to the nation, I am paid with few thousands of ngultrum (Bhutanese currency valuing equal to Indian currency Rupee) as remuneration every month. With no other additional income, I am too struggling with few thousands to raise my family, when the price of commodities are skyrocketing beyond one’s control.
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Yet when I look through another angle, I feel proud as a tax payer because I know my little contribution will help our fragile economy to be stabilized by one step. At the end of the day, if my little contribution is invested in the interest of Bhutanese people, there is nothing I want more than that. But on contrary if our public resources are misused by few influential lots then matter will be entirely different.
John F kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, rather ask what you can do for your country”. But I am sure I cannot walk the talk of kennedy, however I think I must the make the purpose of living on this planet. As far as I am concerned, our Government has imposed tax after following the procedures as prescribed in the parliament act of Bhutan. And the final endorsement was done collaboratively by National Council (Upper house) and National Assembly of Bhutan.
With this writing, I am not trying to patronize and be the chameleon of PDP. I am neither social thinker nor an economist. The parties come and go but this nation has to go on. If the ideologies of parties are functioning in line with the vision of our great monarch and people of Bhutan, we must render our optimum support. On the hand if their ideologies are self motivated and personal dominated, then we must unlearn to support those parties.


  1. Wonderful thoughts on recent tax increased by our present government. It was nicely related and reflected and what a thought - Proud to stand as a tax payer if it is in the interest of our Bhutanese people...great..thanks

  2. Thanks Sancha sir for reading my thoughts and expressions. Your presence means a lot me.

  3. I don't think anyone likes to pay taxes, especially if the money is not being used wisely. Hopefully in your country, the money you pay is being used for good.

  4. let me be an optimistic person and anticipating for good things to happen.