Finally winter has arrived.

Winter has already arrived with the fall of snow on the mountain,

We hear no melancholy songs of farmers singing with their ploughs,

The limitless sky has stopped teeming, like water- less fountain,

Cattles have no lush green pastures to be grazed beneath the boughs.

The sun is radiating with high intensity from the cloudless skies,

Waves of dust particles were scattered all over by the winter breeze,

Rivers and streams are so clear and crystal without any impurities,

And hundreds of glittery fishes were fluttering with unlimited ease.

The birds were chirping with melodious song in the broad day light,

And the leaves floating with a creation of trough and crest in the air,   

Uncountable colorful butterflies are dancing in the dazzling sunlight,

Like a body less spirit wondering hopelessly in a daunting despair.   


  1. Norbu sir...I must say its the fine piece of writings fact, seasons changes and we feel the change with days activities becoz we do different work at different times la...thanks

    1. Thanks for your compliments Sancha Sir.

  2. Very lyrical words! Winter will be arriving a a few months where I live.

  3. It's very lovely poem, and I love the way you composed in rhymes. Superb!