Continuation of Social Study class: 1997.

Those poignant memories were always hunting my mind and keeps on clicking my subconscious mind. I know, I don’t have an omnipotent power to turn back the clock of those times, yet I have decided to put it into the words so that it can be documented for some purpose.
After that classroom nightmare, my immature mind decided to be alert, active and responsive student especially in social study class. Since Bhutan had ushered modern education only in early 1960s, the use of corporal punishment is quite fashionable in 1990s. I believe my teacher has done right thing to draw my attention in the class, and it is all because of his immeasurable effort, today I stand at least in the corner of the society with my head upright.
Now I am afraid, because you may think the use of corporal punishment and physical harassment is applicable today (21st century). No not at all. Today the uses of corporal punishment in the classes are practiced by the incapable and unethical teachers. They are the rascals and the son of fools I must say. With the change in time, everything must be change to suit with the new environment.
My social study teacher has never stopped keeping his hawk-eye on me. I thought I am being marked as his target. He started to throw questions now and then to make sure that I am mentally present in the class. Nevertheless I have never left any questions unanswered correctly. Later after a month, my social study teacher came to the class with a bundle of test papers. Right after our usual greeting (good morning Sir), Sir took us out of the class to our green football field. The question papers were distributed as quickly as he can. We were given an hour to write the answers.

The next day, Sir came with our answer sheet and distributed among us through name calling. Somewhere at the end I heard my name was being called. My heart was palpitating with embarrassment, shyness and fear. Before I have reached side by the teacher, he announced my score as “Norbu Wangdi 34 out of 35”. I was undoubtedly declared as a topper from my class.


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  2. Congratulations for being a topper once upon a time in your geography class. Hope at this moment, if you are given a chance I think you can score 35/35...oh! that sound good and wiser. Nicely reflected on your geography class...thanks

    1. Thank you Sancha Sir, it is always great to know that you are always reading post. Your comments will definitely energize me to keep on writing. Always great to see you reading my post.

  3. Glad you did well! In a sense you redeemed yourself from your previous embarrassment.

  4. Thank you mam for your valuable comments.