Dualism views from parent-teacher’s heart.

According to the “The child Care and Protection Act of Bhutan 2011”  enacted by the first democratically elected parliament of Bhutan, “A person shall be guilty of the offence of battering a child, if a person purposely uses physical force or causes the child to be subjected to a physical force. The offence of battering a child shall be a petty misdemeanor or a misdemeanor, if aggravated is present”.

Without tiny hesitation and negligible reservation, it is an implicit and explicit surety that the Principal of Drujegang MSS will have to bear the consequences laid above, if parents of the child opt to sue the Principal before the court of law.

Having shouldered the dual responsibility of being parents and teacher at the same time for many years, I am engrossed with mixed type of feelings. Therefore I may touch both the sides of the coin as I pour my views and opinions to this happening story which has emerged as headline news both in televised and print media of Bhutan.

It is for sure without any further debate, the Principal of the school must be subject to the penalty as it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to adhere and respect the law of the land. As Bhutanese proverb says, if one is availing the water of the land, one has to be abided by the law of the land. Further with the rapid globalization of our country, we have certain international protocols and conventions to be followed such as international child right and human right etc.

But on contrary, did our law makers, parliamentarians, policy developers and politicians ever scrutinize the other side of the coin, during the enactment of the particular act. They must have done it, I am sure, yet I can see lots of hue and cry coupled with dozens of loopholes through layman’s lens. If principal of Drujegang MSS, by default has to undergo through court hearings before the final verdict, what would the teaching and learning atmosphere in Drujegang MSS? Whether you like your boss or not, by virtue of being his or her subordinate we are prone to develop human attachment between the boss and the subordinates. And who would be happy to see his or her boss being imprisoned, in spite of his tireless effort made for the welfare of the institute. Not only the teachers of Drujegang MSS was shattered by the news, but the same was felt by the teachers around the nation including me and that has ultimately demoralized and perturbed us too, because we never know what will happen to us the very next day.

Consequently, we feel lethargic and insecure to go the class and once in the class we just do our part and we are least bothered about the student’s individual accomplishment. Who will be the looser at the end of the day? Is it the nation at large or future citizens or teachers? If higher authorities demand any explanation with regard to our teaching in the class, we can present them with bundles of notebooks filled with lesson plans as it proves beyond classroom teaching.

When such stories are being circulated among our students, many of them never hesitate to violate the school rules and some of them never mind to dash their teachers. If these are the values that our students have learnt and inculcated, what can we expect from them in near future rather than ruining our country like a Drugyal Dzong. How can we achieve the aspirations and wishes of our beloved kings which are priceless and so precious? Our Majesty said “Thadang Damtsi(unwavering loyalties) and leyjumdrey(Cause and effect)” are the DNA of the Bhutanese people and we must strive to happen it in reality.  

Many national and international psychologist, psychiatrist and educationist acclaimed that the child will be morally demoralized if he or she is resort to any types of assault. Absolutely correct and we understand better than those specialist who had never stepped into the school even for a minute. And obviously we are equipped with multiple strategies and skills to deal with hundreds of students from different social background, upbringings, religion and beliefs. Yet sometimes when we failed to rectify our kids with all those possible strategies, we tend to resort to physical assault with lots of expectations and immeasurable positive outcomes. You can imagine your reactions if your door is being knocked for 24X7.

Our principals have to bear the rattles even during weekends and they have no time to spare with their loving families. After having rendered their best service to the school, and if they were liable for prison with a tiny mistake, where is the justice? We talk lot about quality of education and if an indispensable person of the school is put behind the bars, how can we expect the school to produce productive future generations?



  1. That's why I feel there is need of extremely good people at the policy making level. It really does make difference. We tend to adopt policies without much process of studies and homework, just to meet the deadline and donor's requirements; and that's why good people come in conflicts.

  2. It is true Riku sir our policy makers are very smart in copying somebody's idea. And they blindly implement it.