Let winter come hither.

Let the freezing winter come and go,
Let the deciduous trees shed their leaves,
Let the cold breeze kiss our face timidly,
Let the green grasses budge into yellow color,
Let the blue sky put brake on the downpour,
Let the uproarious sound of rivers be unheard.
Let the exam knock the student’s door,
Let the zealous students spend sleepless night,
Let the teachers rush to cover the syllabus,
Let the smart students hunt for the past questions,
Let the lethargic students fear for the exam,
Let the teachers worry about student’s performance.

Let the famers stop ploughing the earth with a pair of oxen,
Let the highlanders migrate to the low land with their yaks,
Let the number of tourist boost fueling our economy;
Let the elderly people rendezvous for the pilgrimages.
Let the eastern Bhutanese brew the local wine with their new harvest,
Let the Bhutanese welcome the dazzling winter festivals.  


  1. This would have appeared better if you have written as a poem. Yet I enjoyed reading it. Every season will bring their own shares of good and bad. Happy Blessed Rainy Day bro. Enjoy it!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for your valuable comments bro. And happy blessed rainy day.

  3. It's a timely seasonal composition. If you could share it with your students, it would knock door of their conscience to gear up for studies. Nice read Norbu sir. Thanks.

    1. Sir, I have just composed it to eat away my leisure time.

  4. I love winter but a lazy student fears exam :p Beautiful piece Norbu sir. Happy Blessed Rainy Day. Have a great week ahead. Take Care :)

    1. Thank you Lekey for your valuable comments and I shall always cherished it.