A good leader leads, but bad leaders condemns.

As we have right to medical assistance, education, democracy, equal opportunity and religion, we have also freedom of expression as a basic human right. But did you ever realize that there are dozens of boss, leaders and mangers who always used to condemn the opinions of his or her subordinates. Those leaders are incapable leaders I should say because they think, what they think is right, which is absolutely wrong in the democratic society. It explicitly shows that they lack basic leadership quality and human understanding.

Instead of respecting views of his or her subordinates many Bhutanese leaders used to scoff at the opinions of his or her staff as if they are from Mars or Venus and have no right to participate in the decision making process. They never hesitate to patronize and pass silly remarks at his or her subordinates as a means firing back. Is it morally correct for us as a boss or a teacher to pass unethical remarks to their team members and students?  My mind never accepts such an immoral behavior as it can completely destroy the working atmosphere of an institution, an organization, a company and weaken the relationship between boss and the subordinates, teacher and students.
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I have been working as an incompetent teacher for exactly half a dozen of years and I came across thousands of students from different social background, religion and beliefs, yet I have never scoff a word that can demoralize my students. As far as my subconscious mind is concerned, I have never spoke a superior word regardless of many laughable questions I was made to answer for. Laughable for me, but I am sure the same question means a lot for the questioner, because I am not a telepathic person in the first place. Secondly as a teacher it is my primary duty to morally boost my students and make them to realize their participation is equally important for their advancement in studies.   
With this piece of writing, I am not trying to beef about someone or anybody else; rather I am trying to pour my thoughts as such issues were never heard through any sorts of media in Bhutan. But I am sure everybody will accept this reality happening behind the cameras.       


  1. Norbu sir...Its nice and wiser to hear good part of your teaching side...you did a job well done so far la...keep going with same rate n one day it will come back to you la..thanks

  2. Treating others with disrespect is definitely not an admirable quality, and therefore not the behavior of a good leader.