Voice of citizen to NC( National council of Bhutan)

I was deeply shocked and perturbed by news of National Council’s decision on acceptance of remuneration, which was actually deferred by council themselves through unanimous endorsement, which was endorsed on the afternoon of the closing ceremony of the 3rd session of the second parliament of Bhutan.
 I am further bewildered and confused too, when NC members demurred at their own dissolution. NC being house of the review and advisory body to the government must depict unprecedented examples to the people of Bhutan. If NC has to accept the emolument hike when being pocketed by the government, what is the point of antagonizing during the proposal time? As a concern citizen I can sense a serious of motives and intentions behind the salary deferment through live telecast but replenishing the pocket behind the camera.
Our democracy was just six years old and in our young democracy, if our elected members exhibit such kind of drama to the eyes constituents, how can we expect our people to trust our representatives and nature of the democracy. With the full of trust and infinite expectations, people of Bhutan has ushered democracy in 2008 and we have just pressed electronic voting machine only for twice.
I have failed to understand the rationale behind accepting the salary hike after having rebuffed by the same NC members. Does it mean that NC members tried to canvass our people by orally deferring their salary only through live telecast? Should I consider upper house of Bhutan as a house of the chameleon? However in future I will never anticipate such initiatives from our Honorable National Council members.


  1. I am sick of those bro. The goodness in our politicians are just like a cotton candy - very appealing at first but doesn't last even for few minutes. They're speaking as if some enlightened sages' tongues are inside their mouths. But when they are given a chance to act, they become heinous villain available in the country. I wonder the state of nation if mindsets of all our politicians are like that.

  2. That is the inner beauty of our politicians Sherub. By witnessing the nature of Bhutanese political beauty for past six years I have promised myself to refrain from casting vote in upcoming elections, be it LG or NC or NA.