Teeming and teeming in Gasa.

It’s been exactly six days since the sky has started pouring down day and night in Gasa Dzongkhag. That is how we are credited with natural incentives every summer besides our difficulty allowance equivalent to zilch. This is my sixth year service in Gasa Dzongkhag and having tested by the fire of natural calamities like fearful flash flood, frequent road blockages and everyday power cut-off, we are not perturbed by these usual happenings.

As usual in every rainy season, we are compelled to rush to the nearby shops to buy everyday essential food items in stock and bunch of candles to light up our rooms when electricity supply gets cut-off. We have ready ourselves to face the consequences at any time because we never know what will happen after every second. The frequent failure of electricity supply and road blockages has emerged as an inevitable fashion in Gasa during every monsoon.

Photo Internet.

Should sky fail to put brake on downpour, for sure sooner or later we will no more hear the mobile ringtones ringing our ears and BBS Dawa hosting Dawai Kudren and Sonam Ugyen with Nangi Tam. Though we are not soothsayers, our LPG gas cylinders were already filled and fuel woods are in place to supplement cylinders if it runs empty before electricity supply get restored. If weather chooses to remain unimproved within few days time, I won’t be able to browse and read any new articles and write-ups of all my blogger friends. I will be disconnected from my facebook friends and tweeter followers too.

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  1. The bouts of recurrent disruptions in these services are normal for many remote places. Many villages in Zhemgang are yet to be lit. I expect no better than what you are undergoing in Gasa. Keep sharing Norbu sir.