An alternative energy for Bhutan.

Besides generating hydro- energy, Bhutan has also tremendous potential of trapping solar energy with fewer initial investments as our country is located on the crest of eastern Himalayan mountain range. Owing to her perfect location we receive high intensity of solar radiation in all the four seasons.

This is what has been exactly happening in Bjishong MSS, Gasa. With full support and generous assistance from UNICEF, two solar water heating system at different station was almost on the way to completion. “We have almost completed 90% of the project and within few days’ time, it will be ready to produce and supply 1000 liter of water from each station at the temperature of 100⁰celsious, said the project manager Mandoj Ghaley”.

For boys

For girls.
On the other hand hundreds of students were eagerly waiting for the completion and angelic smiles were already crafted on the face of every student. Thank you UNCEF beyond sky and the earth, we shall never forget your great initiative.
This noble initiative does not only relieve our students from using freezing water during winter months, it will also ultimately lubricate the quality of Education in our school.


  1. Great news for your students. Your school is making an optimal use of natural resources that remains untapped. Thanks to UNICEF for carving smiles on students who are now assured of safe drinking water.

  2. Sangay Sir now it has completed and It has brought remarkable changes with regard to personal cleanness of our students.