The legendary Chorten.

If one is determined to ride towards Gasa from Thimphu, it is just a matter of six hours to reach at the site of the legendary Chorten(stupa), commonly known as Gasa lamey Singye Chorten. The tiny artifact which was purely built in Bhutanese traditional design was located on the crest of a tiny hilly pass, overlooking gorgeous Goen Damji Village. Our History says that this true romantic story had sparked from Bhutan’s old capital Punakha. 
AP Daw, (Septuagenarian) from Goen Damji, had narrated this story to me in 2010 as follows: 
Singye an exuberant man, belonging to a humble family, from Gasa went to Punakha in search of a good fortune to promise his livelihood. His fortune was ultimately diagnosed, when was bestowed with an opportunity to serve Royal Druk Desi Tashi Dorji, as an attendant.
Galem the stunning queen of Changyul was believed to be the picturesque lady of Punakha. She was born to father Penpa Tashi, the native Punap originated from Chanyul Village.

As decided by their previous karma, the two youngsters fell into an inseparable love. However their unity was shattered, when Galem’s father deliberately rebuffed at their matrimonial plan, as he had secretly arranged her marriage with the Druk Desi of Bhutan. Refusing to usher and accept her parents will, Galem was thrust out of her home.
Singye who was in Gasa Dzong rushed to Punakha to rescue his beloved journeying though dense and virgin forest of Gasa. After his tedious, tiresome and poignant journey, the lonely Singye decided to sit for a lunch in the shadow of the chorten.
When he was about to position himself for the Lunch, suddenly the vampire of Galem appeared from the opposite side of the Chorten to join him with the lunch. Without much conversation, the lovers decided to ignite their lunch business and as Singye unpack the lunch, Galem just timidly whispered “My dear don’t forget say grace before you start to eat” and following his lover’s instruction Singey closed his eyes as he begin to utter grace as many Bhutanese does. Slowly, when he unzipped his eyes, Galem had vanished stupefyingly like spectrum of a rainbow.             



  1. I think I have seen that chorten last time when I went Gasa for my official tour. But no one told me the history behind it. Thank you bro. for the story. BTW are you serving in Gasa district?

  2. Yes bro, I have witnessed 2 consecutive world cup just by dumping myself in the jungle of Gasa. Yup it was located on the way to Gasa. Any ways thanks for helping my newly born blog to grow.

  3. Well written, you are a good script writer. thumbs up! boss

  4. Thanks boss for morally boosting me to write more, in spite of uncountable errors in my write up.